10 ‘Must See’ Events in 2018

Do not worry if you have not decided yet were to spend this years’ time off from work and the office. You are in time to make your arrangements for the some really unique events. It is a matter of curiosity and the only limit that you might possibly have is your budget but not such a big worry. Check out the following world-wide valuable places and events that you can make your accounts for and remind yourself that a stitch in time saves nine and good advance planning can be rewarding.

‘Must See’ Events in 2018

Venice Carnival

No matter if you already visited Venice, it’s a must that you go during the festival as well. Of course, the island has its main attractions that are just as appealing all year long, however, nothing beats the feeling you get during the Venice Carnival. Even though it’s known to be an expensive trip to make, the fairy tale that floods the streets and canals of Venice is worth every penny and you will not regret going there. If you’re serious about going to Venice and see the carnival, you should probably plan well ahead as it is a known thing that most of the accommodation services are booked months in advance, this being one of the most prestigious event around the globe.

The Lantern Festival – Taiwan

The most colorful event this year in Asia is brought by the spring. The Taiwan Lantern Festival is taking place on every fifteenth day of the first month in the Lunisolar Chinese calendar and this year it is celebrated starting march 3rd until 11. It marks up the last Chinese New Year’s Day according to the traditional calendar and has a great significance for all generations.

Looking for the event’s original celebrating mode you have to consider the Pingxi region were the festival still has all the unique time-honored meaning. Most of the villagers release paper homemade lanterns in various forms and the common color used is red, as a sign of good fortune wishing. The act of releasing the lanterns symbolizes the letting go of past and the future embracing of new egos.

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Inti Raymi in Cuzco, Peru

In your quest for this summer, consider spending the hot season holydays in Peru. A lifetime experience winter solstice celebration on June 24 that will bring you into the amazing Inca civilization reality. The Inti Raymi festival or The Sun worship celebration will reveal the treasures of the ancient time.

The Inca’s tribute to Inti – The Sun God – is actually an astonishing procession that starts at the city’s center ending at the fortress of Sacsayhuaman. This re-enactment of immemorial times in Cuzco might be a good starting point to discover the most known Inca’s ruins of the Mach Picchu temple. So, if you have the occasion consider spending some time in the Andes this summer.

Comic Con International in San Diego, USA

If you can declare yourself a comic book fan there is a huge event happening in USA this year. Considered the major pop-culture event it takes place in San Diego starting July 9 until the 22nd. All your favorite superheroes, villains, stars and directors will be there to celebrate the international Comic Con event. There will be lots of fun with people dressed as their favorite characters, workshops with the actors and a lot of autograph sessions.

Art Basel Festival

Art | 43 | Basel | 2012 | Outsideview

The Art Basel is an art show that hosts a lot of contemporary and modern artists and it is being held every year in Miami Beach, Hong Kong and, of course, Basel. With a history dating back to 1970, the festival is a great support for galleries and the development of art both in the region and world-wide. No matter which location you choose among the three options, you will have a fantastic time and make sure to spare some days for sightseeing as well.

King’s Day in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Deciding to finally check in for the Netherlands this year it is a good idea to go with the vivid city port of Amsterdam that will be packed up for celebration this April. Pack your orange colored outfits and take the chance to celebrate in an original way this year King’s Day.

This is the event that will size up the Amsterdam’s population around 27 of April for a huge street party event. You might consider getting there a few days in advanced a get prepared for the party that actually starts the night before and keeps continuing for the next day. Take your time to also check the market and food stands, boat celebrations and local specialties eating-houses.

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International Kite Festival – Berck

The kite festival that takes place annually in Berck, France is an amazing opportunity to visit this beautiful country and have some family fun watching thousands of enthusiasts flying their kites in a diversity of colors and good time. With a history going all the way back to 1986, the Berck International Kite Festival is one of the largest such events world-wide and a show you shouldn’t miss.

La Tomatina – Spain

La Tomatina is something you definitely have to do at least once in a lifetime. The massive tomato battle takes place every year beginning with 1945 and is hosted by the city of Bunol, in the last Wednesday of August. It’s so popular that has become and international attraction that can very well compete with their famous bike race, Vuelta. But the truth is there’s no competition there because if you want to spend more time in Spain, you can easily combine the two attractions since they’re both taking place in August. That should be a holiday to remember, right?

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