10 Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress in 2019

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

Think of it that you have a website that is functioning well, but whenever someone wants to reach out to the customer care or any person regarding their query, there is nothing they could do.

Top 10 Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins

10 best contact form plugins for WordPress

You might have come across some automated questions or a phone number that flashes on almost every website. Have you? This is the contact mode where all the customers can come and get in touch with you, for a query.

This is one of the most essential things that is needed for people to have a good website. This not just helps in increasing the user’s comfort level to your website but it also makes it smooth for them to get all the answers to the questions.

This makes the website interactive and also helps all the customers to get what they were looking for. But WordPress has still not introduced the Contact Form plugins in their website which is one of the drawbacks of WordPress.

So let us see the 10 best contact form plugins for WordPress that you can use in your website created on WordPress.

1. WP Forms:

This particular WordPress contact form is for beginners. Their main purpose is to build a WordPress form plugins that is powerful as well as easy to handle.

  • Pros:

It is the most user-friendly form plugin for WordPressuntil now. And secondly, you can download as many sites you want that too for freewith the help of WinFormsLite.

  • Cons:

You need to upgrade to Pro in order to unlock more powerful feature. Now as we know it focuses on ease of users that is why it does not provides any complex feature that any other form plugins offer.

2. Gravity Forms:

It is known to be the best WordPress form plugin. And especially if you are looking for more than just basics then this is the one you should better go on for.

  • Pros:

The level of customization that gravity forms provide is just way too much. You also get to enjoy the unlimited number of forms and submissions. It also provides you E-mail support and built to face logical condition.

  • Cons:

But with all these advantages and benefits you also get to see some negative things too. The only con it has is that it is available only on a fixed annual fee.

3. Visual Form:

unlike another form plugin it offers you to pay one time only and doesn’t require you to renew an annual license. The free version allows you to access 18 field type.

  • Pros:
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It offers a free plugin, support spam filter. It automatically saves form submissions into your WP database.

  • Cons:

It gets expensive if you want to have a premium plugin for more than one website. The main drawback of using it that it has very poor customer support.

4. Ninja Form:

It is another powerful and popular premium plugin, it offers free basic available to download. But unlike gravity, if you need to move onto better features then it can be expensive. If you want to have the ninja form in your website then use the bluehost coupon.

  • Pros:

It is very easy to handle and drag-and-drop form builder. It offers you conditional logic. You can even correct data formatting and it has free basic plugin.

  • Cons:

If you are handling basics then it can be your type but once you want to move onto better and upgraded part then it gets very expensive and what hurts the most is that what other form plugin offers for free it charges you a lot of money. And its availability is for an annual fee.

5. Contact Form 7:

It is the oldest, most popular, most downloaded that to free WordPress form plugin to date. You have the limitation of doing a thing under it and moreover, you should have proper and well coding knowledge of HTML.

  • Pros:

It is a free plugin and supports spam filters like CAPTCHA and it has 16 field types which use CSS for decent configuration.

  • Cons:

As it requires well coding knowledge of HTML so it is definitely not for the beginners and many of the times users report buggy updates to the plugin. Like another form plugin, it has no conditional logic included.

6. Formidable:

It is the complex type of form builder which gets easy with the drag-and-drop It is designed in order to make ease for beginners or users. It focuses on what happens with the data after it gets collected.

  • Pros:

It has proper documentation and directions to help you to get the most out of the plugin. If the user wants to use templates then there they have huge range and numbers of templates that user can use in their website.

  • Cons:

It is a bit pricier than gravity forms, and it does not have as many add on as other form plugins have. It is also available only an annual fee that is fixed.

7. Quform Craft:

It is an inexpensive Premium WordPress form plugin that has super easy drag-and-drop interface. It gets rave customer reviews and offers many advanced features.

  • Pros:

It has super affordable pricing, conditional logic included, and an easy drag-and-drop interface to create forms. It also supports spam filters like CAPTCHA and honeypot. The user can also view file uploads and Excel export.

  • Cons:
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There is no offer of the free plugin as well as it does not offer third-party integrations. There is only a community forum that is no email support is there.

8. Jetpack Contact Form:

It includes a simple contact form module that is easy to set up on your post/page. So, if you only need basic form plugin that to which has powerful multi-use WordPress plugin then you should definitely consider jetpack. If you are looking for Jetpack contact form then you can avail and offer godaddy coupon.

  • Pros:

It offers free word Form making, and easy to setup right in your post or website and most importantly if notify you instantly with all your updates and notifications of your E-mails.

  • Cons:

It doesn’t provide much field type or much customization. It may lack somewhere in many form builders features and its updated version does not come with spam filter included in it.

9. Fast Secure Contact Form:

it simply isn’t for the beginners but considered excellent for advanced users. You can customize everything like fields or forms.

  • Pros:

It is an entirely free plugin and filter hooks for third-party plugins and custom modification.

  • Cons:

High coding knowledge is required and it does not require any conditional logic.

10. We Form:

It is also a popular website builder and it powers a lot of amount of internet of all websites.

  • Pros:

It is free and gives you complete control of your website including all the files and data. Moreover, it gives you a huge collection of add-ons, an extension so that you can extend your website.

  • Cons:

All the responsibility regarding security, making backups, handling everything comes over so you have to be knowledgeable enough to handle all this. And it does not comes with a built-in drag and drop website.

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