Why Real-time Delivery Tracking is Crucial for Your Business?


On-demand delivery has become a very popular trend across the world. This trend has led many businesses to take a plunge into on-demand delivery app development. Today, customers want efficient delivery and if your business can serve them with the same, then you might have some loyal clients for a lifetime.

A real-time delivery tracking system helps you to achieve this goal by allowing you to eliminate unnecessary steps. It equips you to provide expert delivery to customers and enhance delivery administration that ultimately leads to higher customer satisfaction.

So if you are making deliveries in the same old way, then it is time for you to switch to a robust tracking system.

But before you start, you should know about the usefulness of real-time tracking for your business. In this blog, we will show you how your business can overcome last-mile challenges with a groundbreaking real-time tracking system. So let’s start with no further ado.

Why is real-time tracking important for on-demand delivery businesses?

A real-time delivery tracking system can get you out of the offline delivery splash by suggesting the most feasible delivery route. It offers the best delivery route after considering various factors such as time, traffic, and location.

Here are some more reasons to integrate an online delivery tracking system in your on-demand delivery solution:

1.  Helpful in designing unique customer experiences

Consumers are no longer ready to wait for their packages to arrive. They want to track the status of their orders in real-time. Using delivery management software to run your delivery operations means you can be in charge of the entire process, from order to delivery.

When you have real-time information about the exact location of the vehicles and the delivery staff, you easily know when the delivery gets completed. This not only creates a unique customer experience but also improves the communication process with the customers.

2. Reduced idle times

Longer waiting times can jeopardize your entire delivery process. If a driver waits for a long time, he will mess up its other scheduled deliveries. This makes it more difficult to offer on-time delivery service, especially now the driver has to waste more time in deliveries.

So, incorporate only those tools that will ensure that your drivers don’t need to wait or engage in lengthy paperwork. A real-time tracking feature offers a customer a live notification that notifies them whenever their packages are out for delivery.

Thus, your customers will be available to pick up their packages and your drivers won’t need to wait when they arrive at customer locations.

3. Optimizes delivery routes efficiently

Optimizing delivery routes manually is time-consuming. And every single minute is precious for the courier companies and delivery businesses. Here, delivery management software saves time by streamlining the entire delivery process.

Furthermore, there are time windows, priority delivery, customer alerts, and ETAs to ensure that the customer is at home when the delivery driver arrives. Besides this, optimized routing saves time for drivers by minimizing wrong turns and preventing backtracking on routes.

4. Track real-time visibility of drivers

A real-time tracking app allows managers or business owners to track the real-time visibility of their drivers. The GPS tracking of drivers lets managers or admins know where the driver is, the status of their delivery, and at destination distances at any given time.

5. Get notified of the live status of deliveries

A digital GPS tracking system is a requisite at every stage of delivery and it is especially important in the last mile of delivery for ensuring customer satisfaction, which leads to repeat business and sustainability. Real-time tracking provides minute-to-minute tracking information to your customers.

With this information, customers can see the status of their make themselves available at the expected delivery time. This eliminates missed deliveries and the repetition of deliveries. Furthermore, this system allows customers to set a date and time slot for delivery, this provides greater customer satisfaction.

6. Highly satisfied customers

Today, customers expect a high level of visibility in their orders. With so much movement and transportation, it’s possible for an order to be far from its last destination. After an order leaves a warehouse or packing facility, it can go to a sorting facility before it reaches the customer.

Having an order tracking system in place is mandatory if your brand doesn’t want to lose business. Real-time tracking provides up-to-date information your customers want, they expect to meet and they are more likely to avail your services, give you an excellent review, or tell their friends.

7. Better management of peak hour deliveries

Festive periods can lead to surges in orders that your business might not deliver on unless your delivery system can keep up with demand. At this time, delivery management software lets you manage your drivers and vehicles effortlessly so that you can keep up with peak time demands.

Apart from this, you can make delivery routes longer or shorter as per your requirement. You can also provide electronic proof of delivery using a photo of the package drop-off point or a signature and send customers to live updates of their parcel.


Real-time delivery tracking helps you to keep a better eye on your deliveries. It is also beneficial to drivers, as it helps them concentrate on the road and find the delivery points easily.

That is why you should evaluate your business needs to identify the important tracking features. By considering suitable real-time delivery software, you can make your operations more efficient while keeping customers satisfied.

I hope this blog has provided you with detailed information about having an excellent real-time delivery tracking system. Reach us today if you want to make one for your business. Stay tuned for further updates. Thanks for reading this blog.

Mushahid Khatri
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