WhatsApp Voice Mail Feature Goes Live For Android Users

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging app seems unstoppable when it comes to adding features for users. Within a span of couple of months, the app has introduced so many enhancements to the service for users’ perspective. Now the company has been rolling out voice mail feature gradually for Android users. Notably, the WhatsApp Voice Mail feature was introduced to iOs subscribers few days back.

How WhatsApp Voice Mail Feature Works ?

The feature works like a standard voice mail feature on phone. Using the feature, a user can send a voicemail to a WhatsApp contact if he fails to pick or respond to the call for any reason. The update is being rolled out for the Android users. Users are however required to update their WhatsApp messenger with the latest version available via Google Play.

WhatsApp Voice Mail feature

When the call recipient misses or rejected a call you made, the app pops up three options to the user: call again, cancel and voice message. The call again feature enables the person to call back. Tapping on “cancel” closes the window. The “voice message” allows users to send the message. To send a voice message to someone, press the record button, speak the message and remove fingers from the screen. The voice message recorded is sent to the intended WhatsApp user.

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In the latest update, WhatsApp gets another amazing feature that enables a user to share content with multiple contacts and groups he is the member of simultaneously. Until recently, users could share any content with only person at a time.

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