WhatsApp For Android To Get Call Back And Voice Mail Feature

WhatsApp, the Facebook owned messaging app has got two new features for Android beta version. Within fortnight or so, the company has rolled out a series of updates and features for the users. This time the beta users get call back and voicemail features with WhatsApp v2.16.189.

The voice mail and call back features will appear on the app screen of a caller if a WhatsApp call has been declined or not picked at the other end. Users are required to sign up for Google Play beta testing program to receive the features.

How WhatsApp Call Back And Voice Mail Feature Will Work?

WhatsApp_DW7F8F_3528844bCall back and voice message features are extensions of the voice calling feature in WhatsApp. To check how these features work, make a call to your WhatsApp contact from your app.

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If the recipient doesn’t pick the call or declined, your app screen will show a “call declined” message along with three options- Cancel, Call Back, and Voicemail.

The voicemail feature works exactly the same way you record a message. You can record a voice mail by long pressing the “mic” icon near the chat box.The voicemail message will also appear in your chat with the other person. These are latest features in the line of several beta updates that have been rolled out in the recent months.

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