Top 10 Best Websites for Renting Houses

(Last Updated On: April 2, 2020)

Digitalization has changed the way we used to look for a renting house. No more going around the street to search for a house to rent. It used to be time-consuming, tiresome, and confusing. This is where best websites for renting houses come in focus.

Searching for a rental house using traditional way is more difficult if you are new to the town or city.  Thanks to the technology, today the renter needs to go to the internet, browse through real estate site, and find a house as per their liking.

Numerous rental listing sites are available on the internet which offers renter hundreds of options to choose from. Options create confusion. To help you to overcome your dilemma, we have listed some of the best rental listing websites. All these best websites for renting houses are mobile-friendly. This means you can access these sites using your smartphone.

10 Best Websites for Renting Houses:

Best Websites for Renting Houses

1. ForRent- For Affordable Renting

If you are looking for detailed information about the property, then ForRent is the site for you. The calculator feature of the website allows the renter to figure out the rent which they can easily afford. Once you figure out the affordable rent, you can use it as a filter. This would filter your options based on your budget.

The site, with its numerous filters, allows the renter to find a house close to their needs and requirements. It even caters to the needs of a renter who are relocating or living off-campus.

2. Zillow

The website is one of the best websites for renting houses and founded in the year 2006. With time, the website has become one of the most popular real estate websites among both landlords and renters. This site holds the listing of over 110 million houses. Renter just needs to enter the pin code. Once done, the site calculates the estimated rent as well as the property purchase price of properties in the given location.

The new feature of the site allows the renter to apply to multiple houses by filling one simple application form. The site has both web and mobile version.


If you are looking for single-family rentals, is the right choice for you. The site offers a wide range of houses in this category. It includes condominiums, single-family houses, and townhouses. The site is user-friendly. The site helps to narrow down the choices based on renters needs and requirements like location, rent range, number of bedrooms, pet policy, floor preference, etc.

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This site also allows the renter to find the house in the locality depending on the preferred neighbourhood or selected school district.

4. Hotpads

Launched in 2005, the website aims at making the rental house search process much easier. The viewers can select their preferred location by using the site’s interactive and detailed map. The map also shows details like the nearest market, public transportation, etc.

In 2012, the site was acquired by one of the biggest real estate network website-Zillow.

Hotpads offers renters a detailed listing of various rental properties from all over the country. The renters can narrow down their search by using their own keywords and specifying their preferences like rent range, location, type and size of the apartment, number of rooms, etc.

The site is very popular among renter looking to relocate.

5. Rent Jungle

Besides helping renters to search for rental accommodation in their preferred location. This site allows the renter to compare prices offered by various property sites, of the listing selected by the renter. Once selected, the renter can browse the property site directly and seek answers to their queries.

The renter can search the property using a map or through the list. Furthermore, they can filter their search options by specifying rental house features and other essential amnesties.

6. is one of the most sought out and detailed website as far as properties are concerned. The site allows the renter to personalize their search by selecting the home amenities and features as per their needs.

The site offers lots of property-related details on the listing page. Starting from neighborhood description, details of the rent of houses in same and other locations, details of nearby schools, etc.

The Yelp powered map of the site shows details like nearby grocery shops, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. The site is known for its authenticity and faster results.

7. Oodle

Oddle offers a wide range in the property market. No matter whatever rentals you are looking for. Oodle offers a wide range in all the rental categories. It offers a listing of condos, apartments, vacation, and rooms for rental purpose. The site also allows the user to post their listing on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

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8. RentCafe

RentCafe is a rental website that the listings on the website are posted directly by property managers. The renter can check the availability status of the property and can apply for the rental home accordingly.

Besides providing the solution for rental apartments, the site offers various other facilities like rent management, renewing lease agreement, submitting the request for house maintenance.


Listings on this website are part of rental house sites. Listings posted on this site get exposure from millions of viewers.

10. Apartment Guide

This website is an ideal choice for those who believe in studying the floor plan and plenty of photographs of the listed rental property. Most of the listings on this website are posted by large and established real estate management companies. These well-established companies specify various amnesties of the listing in the form of icons.

The site allows the renter to shortlist their search for the rental house by selecting features from the detailed list of all kinds of amnesties and features.


Shifting a house is quite a stressful job, especially if you are shifting with family. Finding a house that suits the budget and has all the facilities that suit your family needs like school facilities, safe and secure neighborhood, swimming pool facilities for kids, etc. can be quite difficult.

However, technology has made things quite easier. With the help of above-mentioned best websites for renting houses, you can select and apply for the rental home before shifting to the location.

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