Google Gears Up For Educating Voters Ahead Of US Presidential Elections

Ahead of the US Presidential elections, Google gears up by launching a complete voting guide for voters. This state-specific voting guide pops up detailed information to anyone who searches “how to vote” or other related queries.

US Presidential Elections

credit: engadget

To make the guide more users friendly, Google breaks down the voting process in a particular state, complete with information on early voting, mail-in ballots, requirements and deadlines. The tool has a drop-down menu as well that enables users to toggle among states and fetch relevant election info.

This is not the first instance when Google came out for helping electorate. They rolled out a comprehensive voter registration guide in July also that contained and displayed state-specific information.

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The data displayed after triggering “how to vote” and “voter registration” searches are available to the public. This would be helpful to those volunteers and organizations who are promoting voter education in the country ahead of the elections. Apply for access the Guide.

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