Tumblr Announces Answer Time, Its Own Q&A Platform

You can say that Tumblr is going Reddit way. Tumbler, the micro-blogging platforms has announced its own question and answer platform ‘Answer Time’, similar to Reddit’s ‘Ask Me Anything’ platform.  With the launch, Tumbler is giving users another solid way to connect with each other.

In the June session of Answer Time, the site is lining up key celebrities including pop-punk band Fall Out Boy and Tumblr founder David Karp. The list of the celebrities includes maestros of their respective fields such as musicians, artists, actors, politicians, and other high-profile Internet celebrities.  During the session, users can directly visit the celebrity’s Tumbler page and submit their questions, live.

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Users can ask their questions to the featured celebrities using Ask Boxes two days ahead of the session.  Tech magazine Venture Beat finds it very interesting to see how Tumblr is preparing itself to taking Reddit head-on in segment of live question-and-answer format.

– Tumblr Announces Answer Time.

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