Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2018 : Drive In Style

When it comes to four wheelers, nothing can top off Toyota and its amazing series of land cruisers. Comfort, style and space are just a few attributes that owe to the brand’s name.

With that stated, all the SUV lovers will be thrilled to know that the legacy continues with the perfect Toyota Land cruiser SUV 2018 which not only surpasses the older models, but also adds an extra ounce of oomph to the whole design.

Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2018 Review

Let’s take a look at the features and specs of the amazingly capable off-roader in detail below.

Cargo Capacity:

Staying at par with its competitors in the market, Toyota Land Cruiser 2018 offers 16.2 cubic feet in the third rear row while offering 43.0 cubic feet with the seating folded.

Need more space? Fold the second as well as the third row seating and enjoy 81.7 cubic feet of spaciousness.

Interior Specifications:

There are tons of luxury and comfort features for both drivers and other passengers to enjoy because this baby is way ahead of its rivals!


Cozy leather bucket front seats are just a start when you are offered fully ventilated driver as well as passenger seat. You can enjoy height adjustable features in the front seats while altering the seat temperatures with multi-level heat settings. Power adjusted lumbar support is also offered.

With a front leg room of 42.9 inches, what more could you ask for!


The basics offered are as follows: 

• Clock
• Compass
• Temperature Display
• Tachometer

Interior Entertainment Package:

This model of Toyota SUV totally lives up to its name of being an ultra utility vehicle. The in-car entertainment package is overwhelming as it includes JBL brand Stereo System, satellite radio service, stereo output at 605 watts, 14 surround sound speakers, separate front and rear audio, separate rear screens, USB connections, universal tablet holder space, wireless headphones and lots more!

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Exterior Features:

If impressive performance matters to you, Toyota Land Cruiser SUV 2018 should be your next pick. Mastering all weather and road conditions, it weighs 5815 lbs with having a ground clearance of 8.9 inches.

The total length is 194.9 inches, its width is 77.95 inches while it is heighted at 74 inches.

Engine and Transmission:

With a sole 5.7 liter V-8 engine, this beast offers 381horsepower with an astonishing 401 lbs-feet torque which is enough to send power to all 4 wheels through an 8 speed completely automatic transmission.

Even with an excitingly brawny engine, Land Cruiser 2018 falls behind in the race with its competitors when it comes to towing capacity as it only offers 8100 lbs, which can be stated to be average for its class.

In comparison, Lincoln Navigator wins the bet at towing power of 8700 lbs!


2018 Toyota Land cruiser being an iconic SUV accelerates from 0-60 mph effortlessly in 7.4 seconds even though it weighs 5800 pounds and it completes a quarter mile in 15.1 seconds at 93 mph.

Braking and Handling:

Ideal for off-roading and climbing steep terrains, you might believe that Land Cruiser 2018 will feel jumpy and heavy on the mountains; the truth of the matter is that it is the opposite.

The ride remains totally smooth on the roughest of grounds, stays completely stable while turning at sharp corners, however the body lean is evident.

The braking system is influential enough to bring the beastly SUV to a complete stop from 60 mph from a distance of 121 feet. The front brakes are 13.97 inches while the rear brakes are 13.58 inches.

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Fuel Efficiency:

No one buys SUVs for their ideal fuel economy purposes and Land cruiser SUV 2018 is no exception on this matter either!

Considering its powerful structure and a total weight of 5800 pounds, the fuel economy is not so bad. It clears at 13mpg within the city area, 18 mpg on highways and 15 mpg combined. While these numbers are average, the truth is that the 2018 model is a fuel guzzler in its line of vehicle segments.

Price and Final Verdict:

At a base price of $83665, the final verdict is that 2018 Land Cruiser SUV offers an invigorating V-8 engine and perfect handling sturdiness, however is a not so fuel efficient.

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