Top 9 Amazon Echo Alternatives You Must Try in 2020

# Last Updated On: February 11, 2021 #

No one can doubt the power of Amazon Echo, probably the top among smart speakers available now. Powered by Amazon’s Alexa, the speaker performs a variety of tasks alongside playing your favorite tracks. Things that make this automated Bluetooth speaker invincible are its wireless capabilities and its compatibility with smart home devices. Read on our list of nine Amazon Echo alternatives you may give a try this year.

9 Amazon Echo Alternatives for 2020

Despite the fact that Amazon Echo is completely awesome and can’t be alternated, you can check out Top Amazon Echo Alternatives that work really well:

1. Google Home:

Top Amazon Echo Alternatives

This is another top notch smart speaker in the segment. Google Home is the closest competitor of Amazon Echo. The device is powered by Google’s own digital assistant and features incredible voice recognition abilities.

The Google Home beautifully executes multitude of tasks including setting alarms and streaming music from noted music services. There are number of commands that the device accepts and functions accordingly.

Google Home is elegantly designed and offers a very pleasant look wherever it’s placed in the room. This little beast is a complete package of features in a price you can afford. Its sound quality is unbeatable and its bass rich sound is more than perfect. (List Contd: Top 9 Amazon Echo Alternatives)

2. Google Home Hub:

Announced during Pixel 3 launch event, Google Home Hub is Google’s another popular smart speaker with smart displays. The device is small, elegantly designed with soft colors and fits in every corner of your home.

The Google Home Hub comes paced with a 7-inch display and ambient light sensors that automatically adjust the brightness of the display. It’s a Google Assistant powered device but comes without any active camera. It’s aesthetically designed to let the users keep it placed in their bedrooms and private spaces.

The Google Home Hub features a cool new Dashboard that lets you control all your rooms, lights, speakers, cameras, and door locks from a single place.

3. Lenovo Smart Display:

Amazon Echo Alternatives

Meet our third contender from the Top Amazon Echo Alternatives. The Lenovo Smart Display is available in two variants- An 8-inch variant with a 1280×800 resolution screen and a 10-inch variant with a Full HD screen. Now, it’s your take which one you choose.

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The smart speaker from Lenovo is powered by Google Assistant and is equipped with built-in camera for making video calls using Google Duo. If you’re reluctant to use the camera, there is a built-in camera kill-switch that physically covers the camera.

The device Lenovo Smart Display comes packed with a 2×2 microphone arrays that help the device hearing you easily from even across the room. It’s also loaded with 10W speakers so you can listen to your favorite tracks without interruption. (List Contd: Top Amazon Echo Alternatives)

4. Harman-Kardon Allure:

Top Amazon Echo Alternatives

Our forth contender in the list is Harman Kardon Allure Smart Speakers, quite popular for its appealing eye catching design. The device flaunts a very alluring design with a well-built semi-transparent body and glaring lighting features.

The Harman Allure smart speakers are powered by Apple’s Alexa voice assistant. It lest you catch up all of the amazing Alexa features you can access with the Amazon Echo. The device sports 4 far-field microphones for easy and clear voice recognition so that the device can hear you from across the room.

If you’re looking for a classy and stylish smart speakers beyond Google Home and Echo, Harman-Kardon Allure is the right choice.

5. Apple HomePod:

Amazon Echo Alternatives

If you’re an ardent iPhone lover, Apple Home Pod is an iOs loaded device for you. This is Apple’s a premium smart-speaker equipped with pretty loud audiophile grade sound quality. Its design will remind you of the Mac Pro of old, or the Echo Sub. It has a very beautiful design overall and has a tiny display on top.

Apple Home Pod is powered by Apple’s smart assistant Siri and offers almost every feature that you expect from a smart speaker. Apple’s audio-design is best-in- class and audio quality is at par if compared to contemporaries.

The device features a six-microphone array for seamless voice recognition. Along with other noteworthy features, Apple Home Pod offers support for multi-room audio playback so that you can sync-up and play music around your entire house.

6. Triby Smart Speaker:

Top Amazon Echo Alternatives

Powered by Alexa, Triby Smart Speakers may be your right choice due to the fact that they are portable and battery powered speakers. Having Alexa Voice Assistant on-board, the speakers allow you to perform tasks like giving you weather updates or reading breaking news. You can event fit or mount the speakers anywhere in your house.

You can also change the display and other settings of the speaker by using the mobile app. You can also Triby as a portable Bluetooth speaker for listening to music, or taking handsfree calls. (List Contd: Top Amazon Echo Alternatives)

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7. CastleHub:

Amazon Echo Alternatives

CastleHub is an ideal contestant for Top 9 Amazon Echo Alternatives that offers voice command support through the platform. Using CastleHub you can control all your smart home devices through simple voice commands.

The CastleHub is powered by Windows 10 and offers a 30GB SSD for storage. Other features offered by the device include 802.11 a/c Wi-Fi, gigabit LAN support, Bluetooth, a total of 7 USB ports, and more.  This smart Home Device even runs premium music streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify.

8. Mycroft:

Top Amazon Echo Alternatives

Mycroft is customizable device powered by Raspberry Pi and Arduino single-board computers. It’s a smart home controller that lets you control all your connected devices remotely via voice commands.

Mycroft is a an open source hardware that even allows users to post updates to social media or send files to a 3D printer using voice commands. The device works with Natural Language Processing to understand user commands.

9. JBL Link View Smart Speaker:

Amazon Echo Alternatives

This is another smart speaker with a display and powered by the Google Assistant. The JBL Link is an awesome device if you desist from comparing it Google Home or Amazon Echo.

The device assures of an awe-inspiring user experience with an 8-inch HD display and built-in 5MP camera with a shutter button. As implies, the shutter button for the camera can be used to cover the camera in times when you don’t want to use it. Thank you for reading Top 9 Amazon Echo Alternatives.  Please comment your views in the comment box.

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