Top 8 Best Podcast Apps for iPhone Users

For those who are crazy about consuming media, accessing information, listening to the latest news, podcasts are the best way out. Podcasts let you listen to all your favorite things while traveling or doing anything. Via this comprehensive article, I am enclosing the list that includes best free podcast apps for iPhone users.

Best Free Podcast Apps for iPhone

1: Spotify

To be true, spotify isn’t a standalone podcast app. It’s a premier music streaming service with an additional utility that allows users to enjoy occasional podcast without having to install a dedicated app for podcasting.

With Spotify, users can access all their podcasts made using other dedicated podcasting apps. Though, it’s not a full-fledged podcast app as of now, soon it will be.


  • Get more information about the podcast or episode.
  • Download episodes for offline listening.
  • Share with your friends and to your social channels.
  • Add it to your Play Queue.

This is because company is in the final stages of conversation to acquire Gimlet Media, one of the biggest podcast producing studios in the world.

2: Pocket Casts

Top 8 Best Podcast Apps

Pocket Casts is the next app from our list of the best free Podcast Apps for iPhone Platform. The latest version of app 7.0 brings a slew of noteworthy features to the app including one that allows users to search for episodes inside podcasts.

The app brings forth a powerful search feature. It’s so powerfully and precisely designed that you can use the title or in the show-notes to bring the right result.

While using the app, you can access different podcast episodes without having to subscribe to podcasts. The USP of the app is its revamped UI which fits into the iOS user interface.


  • Desktop apps including macOS, Windows and Web apps.
  • Cloud storage for creators and listeners
  • Exclusive app icons and themes.

The app comes packed with all standard features including queue episodes, smart speed, silence removal, and more.

3: Overcast

Overcast has been in the news for some time for being the most popular free podcasting app designed using advanced podcast technology.

The app comes packed with stunning podcasting features including smart speed to Voice Boost to better Apple Watch support. The app has a very elegant, aesthetic and simplistic design.


  • Smart Speed
  • Voice Boost
  • File Uploads
  • Twitter Powered Podcast Recommendations
  • Protected Feed Support

The app is almost a full-fledged podcast discovery platform for exploring new podcasts. Among other features of the app, ability to connect your Twitter feed to find the most trending podcasts, a dark theme and smart playlists are the noted one.

The app is free to use. For an ad-free podcast discovery, you can go for its paid version.

4: Castro 3

Top 8 Best Podcast Apps

Meet the third best podcast app from the list. Castro 3 is a handy free podcast app if you have plenty of podcast in your playlist and want to manage them flawlessly. Castro 3 has a unique feature called triage that enables users to see all the new episodes.

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The feature even allows users to place them in the listening queue or discard them within seconds. The app hosts all the new episodes of subscribed podcasts. You can sort episodes as per your choice by simple drag and drop. You can even put them in your queue list or archive them.


  • Trim Silence
  • Chapter Support
  • Mix to Mono
  • Per-Podcast Controls
  • Castro Plus
  • Redesigned Player Screen

Other noteworthy features of the Castro 3 podcast app are clean dark mode, variable speed, silence removal, support for Apple CarPlay, chapter support and volume boost etc. Premium features of the app are available at affordable subscription starting at $2.99/quarter or $8.99/year.

5: Stitcher

If you want to discover podcasts that you don’t find anywhere else, Stitcher is the place. The podcast is available in both free and paid versions.

While in its free version it looks like a standard podcasting app with features like subscribe podcast, download podcast and listen to podcasts, its premium version brings slew of stunning features.

  • Stream and download all your favorite podcasts
  • 21,000 hours of premium podcasts
  • Bonus episodes and archives
  • Ad-free shows
  • 300+ comedy albums
  • Early access to new releases

With its Stitcher Premium subscription, you can get access to premium podcasts along with bonus episodes of your favorite podcasts, early access to new releases, and much more.

With the premium subscription, many podcast creators allow you to listen to the last 3 or 4 months of released episodes without any additional charge.

6: Breaker

Best Free Podcast Apps

Seeking true podcasting experience within social community? Breaker is the solution. Breaker, the next in our top best podcast apps for iPhone comes with a built-in community where community members are allowed to comment and review podcasts and podcast episodes.

Since the app is community driven, you can find targeted content that’s curated by your community. The best part is that you can go through the review and ratings of a podcast before choosing one. The app even allows users to follow your friends so that you can see what they are listening.

  • Discover
  • Follow your friends
  • Share
  • Inbox
  • Skip silences
  • Sleep timer
  • Create custom playlists
  • Dark mode

The Breaker app should be hailed for its overall design and elegant UI elements. The key features that make the top podcast app for iPhone a worthy pick includes downloading and streaming podcast, removing silence, dark mode, and much more.

7: Downcast

Downcast is another excellent and best podcast app that offers podcasters a pretty exciting podcasting experience. The USP of the app could be its speed since it never slows down while downloading or listening to the podcast.

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You can access a plenty of noteworthy features with Downcast podcast iPhone app including podcast discovery,  new podcasts creation, offline downloading of episodes and creation of smart playlists.

  • subscribe to podcasts manually
  • Subscribing to a podcast automatically
  • Download the most recent episodes
  • Mark the most recent episodes for streaming.
  • Most recent, most recent unplayed,
  • Sleep timer
  • Speed control button
  • Share buttons

The app also offers features like speed up playback, set sleep timers, control playback using AirPods and video podcasts.

8: Castbox – Free Podcast app

Top 8 Best Podcast Apps

Castbox is the next in the list of iOS podcast app. The app allows podcasters not to create podcasts but receive like and comments on those podcasts. For those podcasters who want to connect with social communities while creating podcast, Castbox is the answer.

Besides a standard podcast, Castbox also offers users access to free and classic audiobooks. When you are traveling, these audiobooks turns into your true mate.

The USP of the Castbox is that it enables users to create their own podcasts and release multiple episodes. To do so, all you need to do is to create an account, record your episode, and release it.

Best Free iOS Podcast Apps : Conclusion

That’s all to our list of best free podcast apps for iPhone users. Its in-audio search feature matches your phrase to the content of episodes in order to bring the most relevant results for you. The search algorithm of the app is designed to take cues from usage of the podcasts. Therefore, more you will create and distribute the podcasts, more precise results you will get.

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