Best Compass Apps for Android

8 Free Compass App for Android and iPhone

Compass apps or hiking trackers are quite useful when you are on hiking or on wild adventure trips. These are the places where signals are often weak and you have no options available for quick navigation. Looking for a perfect compass app for Android? Listed here are 8 free compass app like Marine Compass, Commande Compass Pro etc.

Free Compass App for Android

These Compass apps have inbuilt small magnetometer to detect earth’s magnetic field. The magnetic field signals the device about the direction the North lies. Now, our smartphones use the accelerometer sensor to determine its position in space. All this information is then corroborated together in real time and used to provide cardinal directions to the users.

If you’re using premium smartphones like Huawei, Xiaomi, Samsung, chances are that your OEM has included a basic Compass built in. Don’t know which app to choose and why? We are listing here tried and tested top free compass app for Android phones. Read on.

1. Marine Compass for Android

best compass app for Android

Marine compass could be a great free compass app for android to download if you love romancing 3D effects.  This compass direction app stays in parallel to the floor regardless of the direction you are going with your device.  The app comes loaded with beautiful themes that look classy and easy to view in the dark. Download Now

Marine Compass Features:

  • Highly practical to use
  • Engineered with internal light
  • Built with low profile design
  • Comes with very clear calibration instructions
  • Equipped with hardened steel pivot dial

The USP of this free compass app is its GPS support that allows users to pinpoint exact locations. Due to GPS support, the app renders accurate feedback than other compass apps in the list. The Marine compass app is free to download and doesn’t populate annoying ads.

2. Commander Compass Pro

best compass app for Android

The best thing with Commander Compass Pro is its ability to save user’s current position. The feature is handy in times when a user wants to track the past locations from where he started.

Using this compass app one can save multiple location points with distance, direction, and elevation info. The amazing thing with Commander Compass Pro is that it can track the position of moon and stars to calibrate compass for max accuracy. Download Now

Commander Compass Features:

  • MAPS

Though its standard version comes free of cost, app’s pro version costs you $7 and comes with premium features like the ability to overlay compass maps to visualize, track the solar system, and built with military compliance.

3. Compass Coordinate

Compass Coordinate is another free compass direction app to download on your Android. The app offers seamless integration with Google Maps. So if you are friendly with Google Maps, it will be easier to working with Compass Coordinate.


  • Supports Zoom out by push on Marker
  • Shows your position on Google Map background
  • Shows degrees in “side window”
  • Displays latitude, longitude and altitude
  • GPS Location update
  • Selects the best network connection
  • True north/Magnetic north, Magnetic declination

It acts as direction compass for mobile and lets you find accurate coordinates of a specific location on the map that even can be shared with others. Due to Google Maps the app easily pulls up the name of the location is pulled from Google Maps too.

The app packs a number of trendy themes and map layouts. App’s standard version may annoy you with frequently populating apps. However, users can remove ads with an in-app purchase.

4. Speaking Compass for Android

best compass app for Android

Our next compass direction app in the list is Speaking Compass. The app is ideally made for visually impaired users as the app speaks the directions. Speaking Compass announces coordinates and locations multiple times to ensure that it’s heard by the user.


  • Easy to use
  • press button
  • No moving parts
  • Multilingual capability
  • Interim compass points

Since the app aims at people having difficulty in viewing information, the app is loaded with minimalistic features  This Android compass app takes a minimalist approach with no fancy features anything. It’s a free to download app without in-app purchase or ads.

5. Compass Galaxy Free Compass App

Compass Galaxy fits in your needs if you want the best magnetic compass app that’s loaded with standard features. The app doesn’t unnecessarily ask for multiple permissions to tell users locations on a map.

This app tells the exact position on a digital compass along with degrees and direction. The downside of the compass app for Samsung Galaxy is the annoying ads that frequently populate while you are browsing. You can’t remove those ads. Download Now

6. Digital Compass

If you’re an adventure trip, the digital compass will be a great help. The compass app for android displays North and blinks the location on a map with the direction that users chose to go towards. The Digital compass app on Android offers more than 10 different compass options users can choose from.

If you’re looking for a compass with free download and incredible features like navigation, mapping, and orientation, digital compass is your bet. Standard version of the app comes free with ads. To remove the app, you need to subscribe the pro version of Digital Compass at $1.99. Download Now

7. Compass Steel 3D

As the name implies Compass Steel 3D works in 3D environment. Along with the direction and orientation, the Compass Steel 3D also shows magnetic North and true North. Using this best compass app, users can accurately track the position and direction of the Sun and Moon. The app also displays times of sunrise and moonrise. Download Now


  • Ad-free digital compass
  • Sun direction indicator
  • Moon direction indicator
  • Marine-style compass
  • Sunrise and sunset times
  • Moonrise and moonset times
  • Self-calibrates as you use
  • Choose from multiple color themes
  • Choose between 2 heading modes

Compass Steel 3D’s is beautifully designed direction compass with an aesthetically pleasing look. This android app contains no ads and comes without in-app purchases. To get the best performance of the app, you may need to calibrate it frequently.

8. Compass Android App

Compass is a free to download open source Compass app. The app is quite user friendly and utilizes an internal Magnetometer to track the positioning and locations. The compass app comes packed a clean UI and an appealing huge Dial in the middle of the screen.

This best compass app for Android features ability to display accurate magnetic position and exact geographical coordinates.  For users who are looking for lightweight compass app with all useful features, Compass app for Android could be the answer. Download Now

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