Top 7 Best GIF Keyboard Apps for Android

(Last Updated On: July 24, 2021)

GIFs are everywhere. We use them to express our emotions. They are pretty handy when we have to make symbolic representations instead of typing text. We widely use them on the social media platforms, messaging apps, and community forums. Read on our list of best GIF keyboard apps for android.

Best GIF Keyboard Apps for Android

The downside is that not every platform has native GIF support (limited to premier platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, and few others). In that case, you can use GIF keyboards that support searching and sending GIF files right from the keyword.  We have listed here the 7 Best Free GIF Keyboard apps that you can use to send GIF images.

1:  GBoard

Best GIF Keyboard Apps

Our first best GIF keyboard is Google’s GBoard. The app is packed with every feature an ideal keyboard app should have. Besides carrying the Google legacy of being a fast, trusted, and reliable app, Gboard also offers uncanny gesture support. Sending GIF files via Gboard is one of the newest features that Google lately added to the platform.

With the update, Google made users able to send GIF images from within the Gboard app. It’s easy to do using the app. While typing, tap on the “G” logo on top of the keyboard. It will populate the GIF option with plenty of GIF images and search box to discover by name. In addition to Gboard’s own GIF collection, the app even allows you to create your own GIFs.

2: SwiftKey

After Gboard, SwiftKey is the most loved and used GIF keyboard app for Android mobile users. The USP of the keyword is its classy and efficient auto-correct feature and ability to predict typing text. In addition to its power-packed keyboard abilities, SwiftKey can also let you send emojis and GIFs.

To send GIF images right from the keyword, tap on the Emoji button on the keyboard and then select the ‘GIF’ option. Now you can see SwiftKey’s collection of GIF images. Browse through the selection of stunning GIFs pulled out from GIPHY, the largest GIF website globally. If you really like this dual advantage, go install SwiftKey now.

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3: Fleksy

Best GIF Keyboard Apps

Meet Fleksy, our next GIF-enabled keyboard in the list. Due to its huge list of features, the app sits into the big leap of keyboard apps. The noteworthy features among all include customizable keyboard sizes, support for keyboard shortcuts, and more. Its ability to allow sending GIFs right from the keyboard turns it into a hotcake for mobile users.

Alike other GIF supporting keyboards in the list, the Fleksy keyboard also allows users to discover and send GIFs without leaving the keyboard app.  Besides allowing GIFs, you can also send Memes and stickers as well using the keyboard.

4: GIF Keyboard by Tenor

This GIF Keyboard is specially designed for easing the process of sending GIF files right from the keyboard. As the name suggest, GIF Keyboard by Tenor keyboard app is more like a search engine for GIF images.

The app holds a huge database of GIFs and effortlessly populates GIFs as a result after you enter a keyword. The app is very much like a complementing app for the standard keyboard being used. As soon you start typing text your default keyboard appears on the screen.

5:  TouchPal Keyboard

Best GIF Keyboard Apps

TouchPal is another well-founded and feature-loaded GIF dedicated keyword. Much like the above-listed keyboards, TouchPal as well offers users the ability to search and send GIFs. To send a GIF image, you have to tap on the Emoji icon on the top-right corner of the keyboard and select GIF from a list of popped-up GIFs.

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The list of GIFs is categorized into separate categories. Along with the latest GIFs, you can also look for the recently used GIF and trending GIF towards the right.

6: Facemoji Emoji Keyboard

Don’t sway away by the name. Facemoji isn’t an emoji centered keyboard app. Its feature list is huge and you can do a lot than just sending the emojis. In addition to allowing you discover thousands of emojis, the app also lets you explore and send GIFs.

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If you go through its features, you can’t deny the competition it can give to the top charters in the list. The Facemoji Emoji Keyboard boasts of its massive library of GIFs. Its inbuilt search engine allows users to input keywords and discover more GIFs on the web.

If you’re one who loves to make faces while in conversation, this keyword app will immediately impress you. So, for the people who show emotions while chatting, the app is an absolute reward.

7: Go Keyboard

Now meet the Go Keyboard, our last participant in the top 7 best GIF Keyboards for Android. The app has an in-built dedicated GIF button on the top that enables users to browse its huge database of GIF libraries. The app features dedicated tabs to place recent and trending GIFs separately.  In addition to the GIF search, the app also lets you discover emojis, stickers, tons of themes and fonts.

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