Top 4 Business Cities In India

The global recognition of India as a business leader is now a milestone endorsed by the global business and commerce fraternity. Since the liberalization, the trail of growth, success and competence that India has imparted on universal map, creates a niche for others. A recent joint report published by Ernst & Young depicts that India accommodates a numbers of small and big cities that have a full potential to be the next business hub of the world. The article therefore attempts enlist several Indian cities who could be the best place for business.

Delhi: Being the capital city of India, undoubtedly this vibrant city offers huge business prospects for the aspiring business persons. If statistics are to be believed, Delhi is the most prosperous city of the Indian republic with per capita income of around 12000 INR. This city offers some of the best known business facilities for all those who desire to start business in the city.  Major industries where you could try your business luck are manufacture of Radio & TV Parts, Plastic & PVC Goods, Sports Goods, Chemicals, Fertilizers, Soft Drinks Textiles, Hand & Machine tools, Leather Goods and Galvanizing as well as Electroplating etc.

Kolkata: In the global business circuit, Kolkata also enjoys a significant place. The capital city of West Bengal offers numerous business opportunities to the business owners in domestic and international level. State government and local authorities do infuse a number of facilities and subsidies to the newbie business entities in the state. If all you set to start a new venture in the city you may try your luck in several sectors like agriculture, computers home textiles, industrial goods, packaging & pharmaceutical, electrical and electronic, jewelry, etc.

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Bangalore: Alike Delhi and Kolkata, Bangalore is also a well known hub to start and enhance the business opportunities in several distinguished verticals. The city is best known for small to mid size IT and software companies offering their quality services to the clients across the globe. Beyond IT, the city also offers other business prospects in verticals like Aerospace and Aviation industries, Manufacturing Industries, Space technology and Information Technology.

Mumbai: Known for the world famous film industry Bolywood, Mumbai is also illustrated as the commercial capital of India that contributes more than 6% of India’s economy and 10% of factory employment across the country. This city also offers some of the best known business facilities for all those who desire to start business in the Mumbai.  If all you set to start a new venture in the city you may choose among several verticals viz. automotive parts, Utensils, Biscuits, Clothing, Textile mills Pencil, Tractors and Pharmaceuticals.

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