Top 10 Cell Phone Signal Boosters In 2020

(Last Updated On: October 7, 2020)

One of the most important things when it comes to staying safe and staying connected with your family or loved ones nowadays is your cell phone. Nobody leaves home without it and a lot of emergencies and dangers have been avoided thanks to the cell phone.

Therefore, being in an area, or potentially visiting an area where there is not sufficient cell phone coverage can be a pretty daunting and frustrating prospect for most people. That is why cell phone signal boosters provide a significant benefit.

However, there are a lot of cell phone boosters in the market that claim to do the job. While some of them actually manage to boost the reception of your phone, the others are not that great. It is therefore tremendously important to choose a cell phone booster that can actually do what you intend for it to.

Best 10 Cell Phone Signal Boosters

However, given that you will have to purchase the booster before you can do any of this and given that it may be time consuming, not to mention expensive and difficult for a person to sit and try all of this out, we have put together an article on the best cell phone signal boosters in 2020. Here they are!

1. Cel-Fi GO X

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If you want a device to improve the signal of your phone when you are outdoors, this is an ideal device. While it works only on certain mobile networks such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, it is an awesome product that you definitely will not regret purchasing.

The amplifier gain specs of this device is so great that barely any other product in the market competes with it. Furthermore, this is the only manufacturer that currently makes provider specific boosters.

If you want to boost the signal in a building, this device will work for that too. One thing that must be kept in mind is that it only works for one carrier at a given point in time.

  • High Uplink gain: Yes
  • Good for outdoor boosting: Yes
  • Can be used for multiple carriers: No
  • Bar of signal required per use: 1
  • Signal specification/Band Requirement: 4G LTE

2. HiBoost 15K

If you want to choose a device wherein the outdoor signal is good but the signal inside the building or the home is weak, then this is an ideal choice. While it is not manufactured in the US (manufactured in China), it has become swiftly popular for being reliable and sturdy and getting the job done.

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The downlink output power is great, at 12dBm, making it one of the most premium and hotly sought after products in the market today. Furthermore, if you are looking for a product that has great aesthetics, this a good product to invest in given that it has a fancy LCD screen that shows you the signal power.

3. SureCall Fusion4Home

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If you want a device that will boost the signal in your home or premises, especially if it is a smaller space, then this is one of the best options that you can go for. For its price, the features that it provides are significant and tremendous.

The installation is tremendously easy and does not take much time at all. While it may not be as powerful as some of the other heavy duty models on this list, it is nevertheless a tremendously helpful and reliable choice.

4. Wilson Pro 70 Plus

If you own a medium sized premise, or a large home, or a barn or a farm that you want to provide coverage to, then this is an ideal choice. Providing significant coverage for about 10,000sq ft, this is a choice that most customers swear by.

It has amongst the highest parameters with 70 dB gain and a high level of downlink output power. The specifications of this device are awesome, and it will ensure that all the issues that you are facing when it comes to providing signal coverage for your area will be sorted

5. SureCall Fusion5x 2.0

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

Similar to the Wilson Pro, if you want a device that can provide signal and coverage to a medium sized commercial establishment or a larger residential premises, then this is an ideal option. It is tremendously aesthetic and has a number of fascinating and helpful features.

It has an additional antenna as well, that allow for the coverage of a larger area, if you so require. While you may not be able to manually tweak the settings of this device like the Wilson Pro, it is still a reliable and an awesome option.

One thing that must be kept in mind is that there is no LCD screen with this model unlike many others on this list, although this by itself is really not a deal breaker.

6. Wilson Pro 1300 and 4300

Wilson keeps cropping up on this list and for good reason. It is one of the most trustworthy manufacturers when it comes to signal boosting devices. If you want a reliable, trustworthy, sturdy, and dependable device for a larger premises, then any of the devices under the Wilson 1300 and 4300 lines are a good choice.

These are really heavy duty, so many not be the best for residential premises (unless a really large one like a farm or a big estate), but is tremendously helpful for commercial establishments. You can pick any of the devices from these two lines and they will be good.

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7. SureCall Force5 2.0

If you want a powerful, easy to use choice that is feature rich and that also has a high downlink power, then this is perhaps one of the best choices in the market today. It has great coverage and is a dependable device. It is also tremendously popular amongst its users and has good testimonials.

8. Cel-Fi Quatra 2000

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

If you want a solution that is low in cost but delivers high performance, then this is one of the best choices that you can make. While it is newer than some of the other devices on this list, that does not make it any less reliable. It is a sturdy product that does its job well and is extremely innovative. Furthermore, if you want a device that can support two carriers at the same time, this device is the way to go.

9. WeBoost Drive

If you will be travelling with a cell phone booster, such as if you want to fit it as a part of your car or your truck, then this is an ideal option. It is feature rich and dependable and ideal for those who want portability.

10. WeBoost Drive 4G-X RV

Cell Phone Signal Boosters

As the name suggests, this is one of the best options for those who want a cell phone booster for their moving vehicle or RVs. This is a great option that is sturdy and dependable. Furthermore, it also works without any glitches.

If you are wondering what are the technical parameters one should be aware of while choosing a cell phone signal booster, aspects such as downlink gain, uplink gain, downlink output power and uplink output power determine how powerful the booster may be.

Furthermore, actually going out to the area where the reception may be weak and checking out as to whether the booster is working is another significant tactic that can help people determine the quality of the product.

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