Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android (Updated List)

We can’t deny the growing trend of screen recording for various purposes whether personal or professional.

Whether they are subject instructors making tutorial videos or developers creating demo videos of their built apps, screen recording apps come handy in many ways.

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps (Android)

Whatever may be your reason for recording screens, you can find this list of top 10 best free screen recorder apps very useful.

These are some of the most installed and used apps for audio recording and screen recording. Read on their pros and cons carefully before hitting the install button.

1. RecMe Free Screen Recorder

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps

Our list of ten best screen recorder apps starts with RecMe Free screen recorder app.  The app is the top rated screen recorder app ideally designed for both screen and internal audio.

If you are one who is looking for a way to record high-quality gameplay videos on rooted Android smartphones without having any disturbance due to external noise in their videos, RecMe is your choice.

Likewise, if you want to record screen with internal audio, the app features a Internal Audio Plugin (ROOT). In order to use this feature the smartphone must be rooted.

2. Mobizen

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps

Mobizen screen recorder is our second top most screen recorder app for Android smartphones. Unlike our first app, you can use this app to record screen without rooting for smartphones. The app runs on Android smartphones carrying versions 4.4 KitKat or above.

You can use the app to record screens on any smartphone. However, its internal audio recording feature is limited to Samsung devices only.

You can also install app’s dedicated versions Samsung and LG devices on the Play Store. If you’re looking for easy to use and user-friendly screen recorder apps, Mobizen should be in your phone.

3. Screen Recorder with Facecam

Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

The app comes pre-loaded with abilities to let users record video of your favorite movie part, screen capture video call, record screen of gameplay and much more.

This decently built app has an in-built editing suite to fix the issues with recorded screens. The suit lets you make the videos perfect before making it live online.

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Right from cutting videos to adding music to videos and merging and adding subtitles to videos, the app lets you do it all without any hassle.

4. Google Play Games

Screen Recorder Apps for Android

If you are not interested in having a third party app installed on your phone for the purpose, Google Play Games app is able to do it for you.

The Google Play Games app for Android lets users record gaming stuff or anything else. Google Play games app is the best option for the users looking for screen recorder on Android.

5. Screen Recorder

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps

The app boasts of its innovative material design interface and user friendliness. The app offers user abilities to draw on the screen, take screenshots while recording, record audio with mic sound, trim videos, and use facecam etc.

The USP of the Screen Recorder button app is its on-screen magic button that lets users track and control the video recording. You can also add custom logo or text anywhere on the video using this screen recorder app.

6. AZ Screen Recorder

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps

It’s our sixth best free screen recorder app for Android in the list. The app is quite useful for the folks who are in the profession of making tutorial videos with pause and resume recording options.

The app has over one million downloads. The best thing about the app is that users need no root access for creating Full HD videos with external microphone recording.

7. ADV Screen Recorder

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder

This is another popular screen recorder app that comes in basic and advanced versions. While basic version gives users ability to perform standard screen recording functions, its advanced version helps users to customize their videos while recording.

The customization can be done by letting users draw on the screen, add texts with customizations, provide inputs from both front and rear cameras, pause and resume recordings, and more.  The app works fairly with Android devices running on Lollipop or later.

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8. Screen Recorder – No Ads

The app is one among the most lightweight screen recorder apps we mentioned so far. The app lets users perform screen recording of videos with resolution from 240p to 1080 p.

This feature packed screen recorder app is available to download for free. The app doesn’t require in-app purchases and offers multiple language support.

Among the key features of the app, mic recording, facecam support, video trimmer, magic button, and day or night theme support are the mention worthy.

9. Lollipop Screen Recorder

10 Best Screen Recorder Apps for Android

Built with the basic features such as screen orientation and resolution, Lollipop screen recorder app is this is the simplest screen recording apps available for Android Lollipop OS running smartphones.

The app is able to record audio. If you’re fine with the standard screen recorder features, you can go with Lollipop screen recorder app.

10. Twitch: Livestream

Top 10 Best Screen Recorder Apps

And finally Twitch, our last android screen recorder app in the list.  The app is ideal for the users who are looking for live streaming gaming videos.

The app lets users to chat with viewers while streaming. Using the app, one can even broadcast gaming content across different gaming consoles.

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