Tips to Save Printer Ink and Cartridge Cost

The high costs that are associated with printer cartridges have proved a nuisance or headaches for consumers all over the World. Especially talking about those people who print a high volume of pages on a daily basis. However, there are certain ways in which a person can stretch the printer ink supply and save a few dollars.

Tips to Save Printer Ink

How To Save Big On Printer Ink and Cartridge Cost?

In this post, we are going to showcase some of the tricks or tips that will significantly reduce the cartridge costs that a person has to bear. These tips are pretty simple and will make you realize that the high cost of the cartridges is not something that is to be dealt with.

Upgradation of the Printer

 Are you using a pretty old model of your printer? If yes, then consider upgrading it with a new one. Initially, it might seem stupid to buy a new printer altogether, as buying a new one will come at a cost. However, in the long run, the printer would prove to be a cost effective option. Most of the latest printers that are available in the market have a cost per page and also print pages at much faster speeds.

Moreover, buying a new printer will enable a person to get rid of the old technology and utilize the latest trends and techniques that are followed in the process of printing.

Third Party Inks Can Prove To Be Economical

 There are quite a few companies that deal in third party ink cartridges that prove to be a cost saving option. These cartridges are even compatible with most of the printers, however, it is important to do a proper research before investing in them. In some cases, the low cost of the cartridges can prove to be an alluring option and a person might end up buying a substandard cartridge. This will result in poor print quality.

Therefore, it becomes important that before buying any of the third party cartridges a proper research regarding the authenticity of the vendor should be done.

Changing The Font Type

 Most of the people might not be aware of the fact that different font types have different ink consumption. By choosing some of the other fonts instead of the default fonts like Arial could save a significant percentage of the ink cartridge expenses. Depending on the printing jobs that need to be performed a business firm can save quite a few dollars on an annual basis.

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Print Only The Important Stuff

 While taking a print out of a web content there are quite a few images and ads that end up consuming a majority of the ink. In order to get rid of these ink sucking entities, most of the websites enable the users to choose a printer friendly version of it.

This will remove all the unwanted components and enable you to print only the text. In a case where the website does not offer the printer friendly version then there are quite a few services like Clean Print, Instapaper that will enable a person to reformat the website content.

Ink Cartridges Need Maintenance

Ink cartridges also demand some sort of maintenance from the user’s end. It has been seen that the cartridges that exceed their expiry date often experience the particulates coming out of the solution that clogs the nozzles.

The best way to avoid this is to buy cartridges only when it is necessary and not overstocking it. The capacity of the ink cartridge that you choose must be on the basis of the printing job that is to be performed. There is no point in using a large capacity cartridge that gets expired if not used in the intended time frame.

Avoid Printing in Color

 For all those documents that are not considered quite important, it is always recommended to take black and white print of them. The usage of the color cartridges can be minimized by making a change in the printer’s default settings. By changing it to grayscale, only the black ink cartridge will be utilized. Especially in a case where the print has to be taken of a document that consists of text only. This will avoid the color cartridges from getting depleted and will increase their life.

Draft mode Printing

 Most of the times we utilize our printers for casual printing jobs. In such a situation, the quality of the print would not prove to be vital. Under the settings of a printer, you will find an option for draft quality printing. By selecting this, the printer will start consuming less ink while printing any document.

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Although the quality of the print will not be that great. However, if you are using the document for reference purposes, then it would hardly make a difference. You can always roll back to the original print settings whenever you feel the need to print in high quality.

Utilize Print Preview Option

 Print preview is a feature that enables a person to have an actual view of the document before going about with the printing job. This feature is useful as a person can make last minute changes like adjusting the margins and selecting only those pages that are needed to be printed. By using the print preview feature the usage of ink and paper can be significantly reduced.

In The End

 I hope that by following the above-mentioned tips, you will be able to save your printer ink and the costs that are associated with buying a new cartridge. All these tips are quite easy to follow and a person should adopt them as a habit while going about the printing process.

Are there any more tips that I have missed and should have been mentioned above. Please let me know about them along with your views on the post in the comments section below.

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