TikTok Introduces New Live Stream Comment Moderation Tools

# Last Updated On: July 29, 2021 #

TikTok is constantly finding new ways to expand its reach and garner a new user base. The platform is now looking forward to further improve its live-stream feature.

TikTok has introduced a slew of new features aimed at providing more control for live broadcasters. The platform has also introduced discovery tools to highlight in-progress live-stream content for TikTok users.

TikTok New Live-Stream Moderation Tools

The idea behind launching these features is to provide broadcasters increased safety, and avoid unwanted comments or interactions while Livestream.

TikTok LiveStream Comment Moderators

TikTok’s new feature will now allow broadcasters to assign ‘Live moderators’. They will help manage their live streams more efficiently.

Live Moderators will help you add in other users who can then manage your comments and commenting functions while you’re busy in your Livestream.

The feature is absolutely a big help for professional live streaming sessions that require large-scale comment moderation and controlled interactions for maximized engagement.

TikTok New Live-Stream Moderation Tools

TikTok Livestream Comment Keyword Filters

The platform has also introduced Keyword filters for live streams. The purpose of this filter is to cut the number of comments during a chat that contains these words.

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Streamers can either turn off comments or add up to 200 terms into the keyword filter. These words can be added to the list throughout the live stream.

TikTok Thoughtful Comment Reminders

TikTok will now pop up thoughtful comment reminders during live streams to stop commenters from making potentially offensive or abusive comments. The platform added thoughtful comment reminders to the main app in March this year.

Now, live streamers can temporarily mute viewers or remove offensive or harmful comments. The feature will be available to hosts and assigned moderators in the coming months.

The short video platform is also making efforts to improve the discovery options for Live videos within the app. Live-streams are going to be the key to TikTok’s TikTok’s expansion plans.

The platform is already testing live-stream shopping options to enable brands and influencers to monetize their TikTok user base more effectively.

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