Essential Things to Know About Push Notifications for Reducing App Churn Rate

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

After installing an app on your device, you are immediately asked, would you like to turn on “ push notification. But, the question which comes into your mind that is what is push notifications and why do you need to enable these notifications? A push notification will alert a user to events, news, or product offerings. Even these notifications also work when the app is closed to reach out to users with relevant messages.

Things to Know About Push Notifications

In this blog, we will describe the benefits of push notification and app retention strategies to reduce the app churn rate through mobile app development  for growing your business.

These days, push notification plays an important role to get more use on your app by reducing the app churn rate. No matter, it is a mobile app or website app, it works well for both. Push notifications have become the more powerful tool to grow any business. Every website owner is looking for an app to get more traffic on their website, for this, they are working on push notification as well. There’s an app that continues to ring true as more and more businesses, large and small, go mobile.

Advantages of push notification:

Website and mobile app push notifications both are important to improve the app visibility among the user. In simple terms, website push notifications are recognized as clickable messages which different websites sent to the user subscriber browser whereas, mobile app push notification is a message which pops up on any mobile device.

Let’s have a look at some advantages of push notification:

The best way to reach the App users:

With website and mobile app push notifications, users can get a flawless delivery of notifications without any delay. It is not necessary for the user to connect to any cellular network for receiving of messages. In such messages, you can include videos and gifs.

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Getting the observation of your Customers behavior:

 With the help of tracking different metrics, you can observe the customer’s behavior. This helps you to get response time, click-through rate as well as the open rate.

Send relevant messages:

 Push notification service enables the app developer to create rich push messages with interesting media like video, gif, images, etc. With the help of tools, you can send a multimedia message to your user.

Highly worthwhile

Both mobile and website push notification are not  costly method as compared to other marketing methods like PPC. Because of this reason, every app developer uses push notification to boost your app visibility.

Let’s get into the basic of how your future mobile app retention strategies help minimize user churn rate:

We can say that push notification  brings your customers the most up-to-date information when they’re on the go. In this exponential world, user assurance has become necessary for all businesses and developers to create long-term customers. Thus, to get more business, you need to tailor your marketing strategy for mobile and website app users to stop losing out the customer.

Sometimes, after having a great app, your mobile retention can be too low. To get more success in your business, you need to focus on mobile app retention strategies by reducing the churn rate. Having a great app or seeing more download is not enough. This is where push marketing comes to rescue, reducing the churn rate of an app.

Provide fresh information

Whenever a user uses an app then it is your responsibility to maintain the user to use this app. This is possible if you push something new to your user then definitely he will get back to your app. This is the best way to improve retention through pertinent information.

Focus on delivering value to your audience:

Instead of being immensely argumentative, target on conveying value to your customer via push notifications in order to expand brand reputation for the long-term. To increase app retention, make sure your app has a strong internal trigger which is simple and provides value to the user. These triggers will provide an interesting solution to the user.

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Show the benefits of app updates:

There are many devices which don’t support app updates automatically. Many users still remain unaware of new improvements in your apps. To increase the retention rate or to get more users on your app, you can remind those users to update an app.

Select your target audience:

Push notification works well when you opt the target audience. If you do not know your target audience then you might end up hitting the wrong target.

Make sure you are creating action-specific push notification strategy to reach your app users. When you are sure that you have picked the right customers then there is a high chance to increase the retention rate and decrease the churn rate.


Push notification can really help you grow your app business and reduce your churn. Mobile app retention strategies could be an effective way to keep users immersed in your app and reduce app churn. It is more effective than people give credit for. If you use push notification in a very clever way then it will definitely change the way your users see and use your app. Hopefully, the above strategies will give you some inspiration on how to engage with your app users in an effective way.