Samsung First Foldable Phone: Little that We Know

Samsung unveiled its foldable phone first time at its SDC 2018 developer conference in San Francisco. At that time the device looked like a rather thick smartphone that folds.

Samsung First Foldable Phone is Here

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It was a prototype that the company is now showing up Samsung First Foldable Phone officially as “Infinity Flex” flexible display technology.

It’s now official that Samsung is almost ready to unearth its foldable device. It’s already in domain that company has been working on this device and has been teasing it for over a fortnight. (contd.: Samsung First Foldable Phone)

Now, the world is getting the first glimpse of world’s first foldable phone. The phone may have a tablet-sized screen and can indeed be folded up, as it was showed off during the show. The brick shaped device could flaunt a 7.3 inch tablet display and a cover display that acts as a phone.

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Samsung claims that the phone can run up to three apps at the same time as it comes packed with a “multi active window” feature.

Samsung will start mass production of the infinity flex display phone over a few months. However, the company hasn’t uttered any words on when the phone will ready for the market. Meanwhile, Google affirmed its support for for foldable phones. (contd.: Samsung First Foldable Phone)

We, as of now have no clue how much the phone will cost and where it’ll launch first. Stay tuned as we will keep updating you on the matter.

Samsung First Foldable Phone

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