Apple Delays Release Date For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ In India

If you are planning to buy iPhone6 / iPhone 6+ this festive season, the news might disappoint you. As per news reports published in ET, Apple deferred the launch date for the  phone from September to November this year.


Earlier, speculations were made that iPhone makers could launch the phone range before Diwali. The launch of these phones has already been delayed twice. First it was scheduled on 26 September and then deferred for 17 October this year.

A huge gap between the demand and supply of the product is the the primary reason for the change in the schedule. When booking for the phones started, within 24 hours, Apple secured orders for over 4 million gadgets worldwide. The huge demand led to the delay in the launching in India. The exact date for the launch is still to be announced.

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Story: Release Date For iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+

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