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There are some things that should be kept in mind before venturing into the business of writing a press release. Our team of press release writing services experts keep that in mind. Press releases about issues that aren’t really newsworthy are a dud.

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Do you want to establish legal authority for your brand? For the same, you may need to form a relationship with the journalists that cover the entire industry. Perhaps you may need to publicize all your product launches as well as events.  Even though there are much social media as well as content writing exists, such methods are a good option to reach customers despite the new organization.

Best Press Release Writing Agency

While going to choose press release writing services, you may need to aware of what exactly it is and how to get the desired one. Here, we are going to shed light on how to pick up the best press release writing service for your brand or business. Further, how can one distinguish between the bad and good services that may hamper your growth and events? Let us started with what is press release in real terms.

At Blogging Republic, we believe that  Every press release issued should have some substance and something of significance. If it’s lacking in value and has nothing of importance/substance, it won’t get coverage either. An important point to consider here is also the impact that the particular news might have on people – the human interest angle is the key.

Being the #1 in PR writing services, we have the proficiency to write and provide all clients a truly striking press release. Above all, there are some key points which we ensure to contain within the press release for it to be authentic.

What a Press Release Writing is All About?

A better understanding of this will be helpful for you to differentiate between a press release and a continuous piece of content marketing. These press releases do not work as marketing material for your company. Rather, they can write an article that you can read through newspapers or magazines with timely and similar information that would develop the reader’s interest.

  • New product launches
  • Hiring announcements
  • Company mergers
  • Event announcements
  • Rebranding
  • Receiving awards
  • Commencing a new office

Why Press Release (PR) is Important?

What important information does it impart to the people? Why this particular news is considered important? When you contact a Press release writing company, then they need to fulfill some motives as expected by any brand or business. Let us shed light on the same below.

  • The customer and media get the whole information about the company’s event.
  • The press release should write about the company so that people get aware of what exactly it is.
  • PR provides instant exposure.
  • It must increase sales and helps to grow the brand or business

Press Release is an essential that an effective press release contains all the information that would be necessary for the reader. A PR should address the real issue while ensuring that the sidelines are visible as well. What does this mean?

Simply, that while the news itself might be significant, communicating all related information is equally important. Write short, effective sentences which deliver the material, but keep the press release contained in a relatively shorter frame.

Blogging Republic: A Professional PR Writing Services Agency

We are a renowned press release writing service provider that understands your audience and keep them in mind when you are writing your press release. We tailor the press release according to what the audience expects and needs.

They keep the audience’s language skills, vocabulary limits, understanding abilities as well as the perception of the company and products in mind. For instance, a press release filled with technical jargon might look very professional but would be total gibberish for a layman.

Our PR Writing professionals has the required knowledge and skills that are required to take the business to the next level to catch the reader’s attention. Several aspects are here that will help to add in the content by pros and these professionals have a huge contribution to make the one, the best Press Release Writing Services.

Key Elements of Our Press Release Writing:


Always mention the timing at which the press release is to be published at the very top, where it cannot be missed to see. Some press releases are to be published right away, while some are placed “under embargo”. This means they’re released at a specified future time and date.


The whole purpose of a press release is to grab the attention of readers. A catchy title can go a long way in helping to captivate the audience’s attention.

Writing Style:

A good press release writing should delivery information in a concise and factual manner.

  • We Avoid over-use of adjectives. Search for the one that’s most appropriate to the subject matter, rather than using many to help deliver your point.
  • Our PR writers keep your sentences short – a general guideline is that every sentence should be 25 words or under. This helps to make the press release “punchy”.
  • The tone remains factual, that is, all information must be relayed but in a summarized form, rather than giving a long monologue that probably would just scatter your audiences’ attention.
  • We keep the important information in the beginning. Readers often just peruse the beginning and are usually too busy to read till the end.

Why Blogging Republic for PR Writing Services in India?

The content writing services are growing prominently among folks, here are some glimpse of benefits that you will get by hiring Press Release writing services. Let us have a look at these below:

Free from plagiarism

The company makes sure that the content is proper and for the same, they make the content free from any plagiarism. They use some online tools to provide high-quality content to businesses with no copied content.

Free editing

There are some chances when you may not like the information as given in the content. It is free from charge to make changes in the written content and deliver the best to the clients. Also, no hidden will be demanded.

Better SEO ranking

Not only the grammar as well as writing style, but they also keep an eye over the other aspect of the content that contributes to making its premium quality. This includes word density, Yoast as well as other tools.

Direct posting

Direct posting is available with Press release writing services and keeps it more convenient. It makes it free from any headache to find out any other source or do the hassle of posting.

Variety in visuals

Press release having a visual range catch the attention to keep the readers interested. All facts as well as figures ought to be broken into some bullet points and easy to read for the readers. It includes photographs, infographics, media, and so on relying on the topic.

Delivery on-time

The time is always valuable and they will meet the deadlines as defined by the business. All orders will be delivered on time.


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