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Press Release Writing Services India

There are some things that should be kept in mind before venturing into the business of writing a press release. Our team of press release writing experts keep that in mind.

Press releases about issues that aren’t really newsworthy are a dud.

Press Release Writing Services India:

Every press release issued should have some substance and something of significance. If it’s lacking in value and has nothing of importance/substance, it won’t get coverage either. An important point to consider here is also the impact that the particular news might have on people – the human interest angle is the key.

Being the #1 in PR writing services, we have the proficiency to write and provide all clients a truly striking press release.

Above all, there are some key points which we ensure to contain within the press release for it to be authentic.

Our Press Release Writing Strategy:

  • Who the PR Refers to? All the players involved – all the people affected by this particular piece of news should be covered in this question. It is imperative to consider who the people are, who are being affected, and/or who would benefit from this news.
  • What the Press Release talks about? You have news. However, step back and really think about it: is there something new?
  • Why the PR is Launched? What important information does it impart to the people? Why this particular news is considered important?
  • Where the Audience of PR locates? The geographical/physical location.
  • When the Event is Going to Happen? The timing of the event/news. This needs to be added if it adds significance.
  • How The PR will Address Audience? The chain of events, so to say, leading up to the actual issue being addressed.

It is essential that an effective press release contains all the information that would be necessary for the reader. It should address the real issue while ensuring that the sidelines are visible as well. What does this mean?

Simply, that while the news itself might be significant, communicating all related information is equally important. Write short, effective sentences which deliver the material, but keep the press release contained in a relatively shorter frame.

PR Writing to target audience:

This question is extremely essential. The purpose of a press release is to distribute important information. A press release is issued in order to relay pertinent data to those who need it. The end goal is that the right material reaches the right people. It is pretty clear that the target audience is the end goal.

Analyze the people you want to address to, carefully. People reading a magazine would be very different from people reading a local newspaper. In fact, there’s no harm in writing different versions of the press release in accordance with where it would be printed. This way, the readers of that particular medium get exactly what they are used to and what they want.

We are a renowned press release writing agency that understands your audience and keep them in mind when you are writing your press release. We tailor the press release according to what the audience expects and needs.

They keep the audience’s language skills, vocabulary limits, understanding abilities as well as the perception of the company and products in mind. For instance, a press release filled with technical jargon might look very professional but would be total gibberish for a layman.

Structuring a Press Release:


Always mention the timing at which the press release is to be published at the very top, where it cannot be missed to see. Some press releases are to be published right away, while some are placed “under embargo”. This means they’re released at a specified future time and date.


The whole purpose of a press release is to grab the attention of readers. A catchy title can go a long way in helping to captivate the audience’s attention.

Writing Style:

A good press release writing should delivery information in a concise and factual manner.

  • Avoid over-use of adjectives. Search for the one that’s most appropriate to the subject matter, rather than using many to help deliver your point.
  • Keep your sentences short – a general guideline is that every sentence should be 25 words or under. This helps to make the press release “punchy”.
  • The tone should be factual, that is, all information must be relayed but in a summarized form, rather than giving a long monologue that probably would just scatter your audiences’ attention.
  • Keep the important information in the beginning. Readers often just peruse the beginning and are usually too busy to read till the end.

Ending the Press Release

This is pretty simple. At the end of your press release, ensure that the readers reach a nice; clean finish line. Any points that need to be mentioned at the end, such as, contact information or any background information should be mentioned in neat points.

Want us to write effective press release for you? We would be happy to help. 
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