Mouse Purchase Guide: Key Things to Know When Buying

# Last Updated On: October 11, 2021 #

Today the mouse has become the most used electronic product after the mobile phone. Whether you are an office worker or a student, as long as you use a computer, you will use a mouse. In order to obtain a better use experience, a good mouse is essential. How do you choose a mouse that suits you?

First of all, mice are generally divided into three categories: wired mouse, wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse. The difference between the three mice is the different connection methods.

The wired mouse is connected and used through the data cable. The wireless mouse is plugged into the computer through its own wireless connector for connection and use. Bluetooth mouse is connected through Bluetooth.

The wireless mouse and Bluetooth mouse are both wirelesses. Perhaps many people will wonder why there is a distinction between them. This is because the use scenarios of the two are different. Take HONOR’s Bluetooth mouse as an example. Many users who buy HONOR Bluetooth Mouse are tablet users.

Mouse Purchase Guide: Things to Consider

The tablets generally do not have a USB interface. The wireless connector of the wireless mouse needs to connect the device through USB. At this time, Bluetooth mouse will be more convenient. Generally, desktop computers will have USB interface but no Bluetooth function. So wireless mouse for desktop computers will be more suitable.

There are many differences among the three kinds of mice. The following aspects are mainly followed when selecting the mouse.

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1. Dimensions and Weight

As an electronic device on the hand, the mouse must be selected according to the size of the hand. Small hands are suitable for small-sized mice, while large hands are large-sized mice. If you buy a mouse with a wrong size, it will be uncomfortable to use.

Besides size, weight is crucial. It depends not only on the size of the user’s hand, but also on the method used. At present, most mice are getting lighter and lighter in order to reduce the pressure on the wrist. But if you are a shooting game enthusiast. When selecting the mouse, you can select a heavier mouse. This will have a better game experience.

2. Mouse Side Keys

Nowadays, many mice have many side keys on the side. Different brands of mouse side keys have different functions. These side keys can be set according to the user’s needs.

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Binding some shortcut keys to side keys is convenient to use. However, the binding will be more troublesome. And it will not be used to it when replaced by other mice. So there are some people who don’t like to use side keys.

3. Appearance Modeling

There are many mice with different shapes on the market. Ergonomic mice, in particular, are famous for their strange shapes. This type of mouse is suitable for those who use computers.

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Long-term use of the mouse can cause some diseases on the hands. Therefore, people have designed this kind of mouse to let users relax their hands while using the mouse. This kind of mouse is generally more expensive. But it is necessary for people who need to use a large number of mice at work.

Well, these are the three key points to pay attention to when purchasing a mouse. I believe this guide will help you find a suitable mouse.

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