Microsoft Stops Windows 8 Support, Asks Users For 8.1 Or 10 Upgrade

Three years after its launch, Microsoft has discontinued support for its flagship operating system Windows 8.0. The operating system will become obsolete from 12 January, 2016. Along with this, the company has also stopped its Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 &10. Users are asked to upgrade their Windows 8.0 to Windows 8.1 or Windows 10 and IE 7, 8,9,10 to IE 11 or Edge browser.

windows81probymidhunstard6qz1ov_1439038546Windows Vista users are however still allowed to use IE 9. Windows 8.0 was launched in 2012 and now is seeing its end after three years. Microsoft considers Windows 8.1 a service pack for Windows 8. As company’s 10 years support doesn’t apply for service packs, Microsoft ends support for a particular OS two years after a service pack replaces it.

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Users can upgrade Windows 8 to 8.1 free of cost. The upgrade offers extended tech support till until January 10, 2023. Windows 8 users can directly upgrade to Windows 10 which will be free until July 29, 2016. Upgrading to Windows 10 will extend support till October 14, 2025.

Microsoft Stops Windows 8 Support

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