Matt Cutts Explains on Expired Domains

This Christmas Matt Cutts answered a question that webmasters always tried to solve but failed to do so. And the question on is following:

Manual actions on the expired domains expire but what about the algorithmic actions?”

Matt, in a Google webmaster Help forum, briefed in  a length on the difference between a manual action taken or an algorithmic action done on expired domains. Following is the quote unquote what Matt posted in the thread.

“The short answer is that it depends. If domain hasn’t really been on the web since 2001, I would expect any manual webspam actions to have expired a long time ago.

It’s possible that the domain did some things in 2001 that would lead to algorithmic ranking issues, but the web typically changes enough in ~12 years that I’d be surprised if you ran into issues.

Typically when you buy a site and run into problems, it’s because someone was spamming more recently with the domain.”

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On Manual Penalty:

If domain has expired years before, there is no need to be skeptical about the manual action but it would be better to check whether or not any manual action is still pending on the domain. Matt didn’t completely ignore a few possibilities of manual action in this case as well.

On Algorithmic Actions:

Matt is not clear about if after years any algorithmic action still hurts its position. He however doesn’t deny a few possible instances where it can be a case. If an expired domain is still under the scanner of algorithmic or manual penalty, it’s better to choose a new domain and go ahead.

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