Mark Zuckerberg Meets PM Modi. To Help In Developing App For Swachh Bharat Mission

One of the youngest billionaires and Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg on Friday met PM Modi to discuss their digital expansion plans in the country. Neither PMO nor Facebook disclosed the details of the meeting.

Mark had also met Ravishankar Prasad, Union minister for Telecom. A number of issues were discussed between them. PM Modi asked him about the possible role of social media in curbing terrorism. Zuckerberg expressed his interest in working with government for improvement in the areas of healthcare and education.

Modi raised concerns over growing use of social media platforms by terrorist elements and also suggested to strengthen the ways to stop it. As per Zuckerberg, Facebook is keen to develop an app for PM’s clean India initiative to give it as a digital presence. The app would soon be a reality and a vital force for Swachh Bharat Mission. Zuckerberg said that he’s excited about PM’s whole digital India initiative. He told that it’s not possible for him alone to bring connectivity but it will require help from operators and governments as well.

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Story: Mark Zuckerberg Meets PM Modi

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