Join Papa – An App for Older Citizens to Rent Grandchildren

‘Grandchildren on Demand.’A phrase which I never thought would hear in my life! But, apparently, it’s true. While as surprising as it may sound, but a mobile app, named Join Papa,

lets old citizens rent grandchildren, like an Uber, to spend time with them and help them out with daily tasks. The sole purpose of the app is to help senior citizens fight their loneliness and get some interaction with others.

The app is beneficial for everyone. While it lets old people get acquainted with the young generation, it allows the millennials to make some money. For every hour spent with the old citizen, the “rented grandchildren“ would get $10.

This fees would be charged from the old citizen himself. It means that both the old people and young millennials can benefit from an app like “Join Papa.”

Do We Really Need an App Like Join Papa?

The real question that we need to ask here is, do we really need an app like Join Papa? I mean how owning such an app can change the world.

Well, for starters it will allow people to get away from the virtual world for a while and get some human interaction. The truth is people have started to drift away from the emotional touch.

With social media revolutionizing the world, most of the people, especially the young generation, have become puppets of their smartphones. They live for their social media following, and their every action is somehow influenced by these virtual friends.

However, if you take a look at your social media friend list, you may not even find a single individual that you personally know. So, what’s the point in living a life that seems to be controlled by people who you don’t even know.

In such a scenario, an app like Join Papa is giving people the chance to go out and spend some quality time with others. The young boys and girls could help the older generation with a wide range of daily tasks. For instance, they could take them grocery shopping, hospital, and even for a walk.

This way they can get away from their virtual world for a while and interact with those who have witnessed the technological revolution, i.e., from the times of payphones to the world of SIRI and Alexa.

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Furthermore, there are many old people who either have grandchildren, living in different corners of the world or have none at all. In both cases, these old people can hire local college students and spend moments, which they would’ve spent with their grandchildren

How to Build an App Like Join Papa?

If you’ve read this far, you must be looking forward to developing a similar app. To do so, there are a couple of factors that you need to keep in mind. First and foremost being, you must build two different apps, one for the old people, and the other for the young college students.

Uber has a similar app model, with two different apps, one for the passengers and the other one for the driver. While the passengers can find nearby cabs, the driver’s version of the app allows him to receive ride alerts and navigate to passenger’s current location.

In the same way, old people would be able to find nearby students and go through their profiles to hire the most suitable person. Once they click on the hire button, the student would receive an alert in his app, of course giving him the option to either accept or decline the request.

The app will also have a messaging feature so that both the old citizen and student could chat before meeting face-to-face. Based on the hours spent, the student would receive an amount for his time and service.

Now, considering you are a businessman and not a proficient mobile app developer, you need to find a mobile app development team who can transform this idea into a fully functional mobile app. Developing an app can cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000. So, it’s extremely crucial to hire a development team whose services fit your budget.

If you’re on a tight budget, it is better to hire an offshore development firm as their development charges are comparatively lower than local developers. When it comes to development rates, the location of the developers is an important factor.

For instance, developers in the US charge way higher than Indian developers. So, if you want to spend less while integrating the best features in the app, make sure to outsource the app development responsibilities to an offshore development firm.

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As far as the revenue is concerned, you can integrate any of the app revenue models to make money through the app. You can also implement the revenue model followed by Join Papa. They charge $17 from every old citizen and only pay $10 to the young student. It means that for every hiring, they earn a profit of $7, which seems quite profitable.

 How Much Would it Cost to Develop an App like Join Papa?

As we mentioned earlier, developing an app like Join Papa can cost you anywhere between $10,000 to $100,000. It mainly depends on the features, though, that you want to integrate into your app.

The better the features are, longer would be the development hours, and thereby higher would be the overall app development cost. Furthermore, the cost would also depend on the app development team and their development rates.

 Let’s Wrap Up

Join Papa is one of the best ideas for developing a mobile app. Old people, especially the ones living in old age homes without any family, always look forward to spending time with the younger generation.

An app like Join Papa would allow them to connect with the young boys and girls and spend some precious moments. Therefore, developing a mobile app like this would help you establish a brand name while providing value to your customers at the same time.

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