iPad Air 3 Technical Specifications And Features That Make It promising

It’s still enough time for the iPad Air 3 to be there among fans (expected by October this year), and the talks are already on regarding the upcoming device. Anyway, the iPad Air 3 is expected to be keeping the fundamental design intact as of its predecessors.

Rumour mills are not leaving any stone un-turned in terms of bringing updates for the above stuffs, and the speculations are already at the seventh heaven. On this context, we bring you some of the most probable this time with the slate those will make the product a trend setter.

Better powering for the device

We recently have come across with the news of Samsung keen about Wireless Charging. How can Cupertino stay away being a perfect rival? In fact, it will be certainly exciting to see such arrangements with a slate.

A tablet can be definitely more flexible to deal with if it is not required to plug in for charging. The probability of the above spec is gripping especially after Samsung showing interest on this regard.

Optional Stylus

According to the rumour mills Cupertino is going to make an additional stylus well compatible with the slates. According to insiders, it can make the process smoother than physical touch.

In addition, you don’t have to go through hectic arrangements of keyboard or mouse. Cupertino is said to be already having some design patterns in mind. So, it is nothing unusual to expect the arrangement with the iPad Air 3.

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Better Capacity for iPad Air 3

Storage has been always crucial with a device. You have always come across with 128 GB option with iPad. However, the demand has been on a high for the device to carry expanded options. Hence, a 256 GB iPad Air 3 is most likely looking at the present expectations. It is such a high demand as the quality of the videos and size f the games are getting bigger.

You can derive from here that the iPad Air 3 can deal with better games, flicks, etc. It will be welcome step for the professionals as well. In addition, the demand for notebooks is increasing highly for the slates than the notebooks. It certainly needs more space on this regard.

Physical Toggle Switch at sides

Well, iPad Air 2 made many happy on this regard. Through the improvement with the device that suited the application parts the users could play the features efficiently in Control panel. This time it is expected Cupertino to bring a physical toggle switch at the sides of the device, which will certainly make many happier.

It is an attempt Cupertino made so that the product look trimmed and handier in terms of usage. Traditionally, the company have been emphasizing on reduced keys. Whatever, but we hope Apple to reflect its idea perfectly.

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Touch ID is nothing new now for iPad Air fans, hence the expectations are at the peak for NFC this time. Hence, NFC with iPad Air 3 is certainly a hot topic. Some say it might affect iPhone 6 shows. Rather, I think it would be helpful in better link between two devices.

-iPad Air 3 Technical Specifications And Features

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