Need Improvised Google Search Console Features? Tell Google


Webmasters who are using Google search console, (formerly Google webmaster tools) time and again suggest new features to the console that they think are important to the console. Now, Google seems looking into the matter. Need Improvised Google Search Console Features? Tell Google Google’s Search Console product manager Michael Fink delivered a presentation at SMX Israel. The presentation lasted for 40 minutes where he asked attendees to vote for a couple of new features that Google might add to the Google Search Console if voted well. Finch introduced 5 features to the attendees that they wanted the most, and requested them to vote for them.

  • A year of search query data
  • More accurate error reporting
  •  Live server monitoring
  • Alerts on ranking drops
  • Make a Search Console App
  • The Consolidated Set feature
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Improvised Google Search Console Features

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