iMessage App Store Guide – 5 Seriously Useful Apps to Download Today

We know what iOS App Store is. But, there is another App Store, which is integrated with iMessage and is independent of the iOS Store. The apps in this store are meant only to be used within iMessage. These apps have truly enhanced the iMessage experience. In this article we will take a look at the 5 really useful apps to have with iMessage.

iMessage App Store Guide

1. CityMapper

CityMapper is probably the best app for those who like to travel and often visit new cities. This is the app for those bag packers who often wander away and are not able to find their way out. This map app is one of the most useful tools you can have as a traveller.

It will guide you through the streets and highways; it will show you where you are and the best things you can find there; it also lets you share your live location through iMessage on PC so that your friends or family can keep an eye on your current location. You can also have someone follow you on the streets this way. By the way, Citymapper is a free app to download and use.

2. Plane Finder

Do you worry when someone in your family or among your friends is flying long distance? Would you like to keep a track of the whereabouts of the plane when it is in-flight? Or, probably you have a friend or someone in the family who would like to know where your airplane is after it has taken off. In either case, you can follow the route of the planes that are airborne.

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Install this app in iMessage and then send a card to your friend or family. The card will provide all the details pertaining to the flight including estimated time of arrival, flight duration, current position and more. Note that Plane Finder app costs $2.99.


 If you are a movie enthusiast (and even if you are not) you must have relied on Internet Movie Database (IMDB) for info on a particular movie or for ratings and reviews. Now, IMDB has a special iMessage app that lets you view details about what’s playing at the cinemas near you.

Just open the app and scroll through the list and you will get all the info you want. If you want to go out for movies with a friend, you can also share the details with them quickly. You don’t need to leave iMessage to find about a movie and plan it. I would say it is a pretty handy app and it is free.

4: Quiktionary

If you feel the need to enhance your vocabulary but do not want to make the learning process monotonous, Quiktionary is definitely the way to go. This app uses puzzles to help you learn new words. You can play the game all on your own or with your friends. It also shares interesting notes or anecdotes related to the words you have been able to solve. It is a free app.

5: Yelp : 

Yelp is another great app that you would like to install in iMessage. This app is for those who love to go out and eat with friends. It will look up your search history and find the restros and food joints you recently searched for. It will then allow you to send the info about a particular restro to your friend or family. This way you can plan a dine out better. Yelp makes things easier for you. Yelp is completely free.

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iOS 10 gifted iMessage with its own App Store and iOS 11 made its App Store even better. Now, there are thousands of apps for iMessage users. You can play games, download utilities, book movies, plan outings, go out for dining, use location services and do a lot of things with iMessage apps. In this tutorial we list the 5 very useful iMessage apps you would like to have.

iMessage App Store Guide

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