Does Hummingbird Update Impact Your Ranking And Traffic? Google Says No.


Post-hummingbird update, webmasters gripped with anticipation that this Google update is the top most reason behind dropped rankings and shunted traffic.

Numerous theories have been placed around by webmasters to establish that Hummingbird update impacts rankings  and populated it as indeed a bad guy. But end of the day Google cleared the dirt.

In a recent Google webmaster help forum, Google’s Zineb answered the same question asked by a webmaster.

Zineb made it clear that it’s not Hummingbird but over optimization links that led to the serious drop in website ranking and traffic.

Following is what Zineb wrote:

“The Hummingbird update does probably not have anything to do with your website’s traffic loss. The primary issue here is that you are using certain over-optimization techniques on your site that are in violation of our quality guidelines, especially when it comes to building unnatural and Spammy links.”

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