How to Turn off Location Tracking on Android?

# Last Updated On: April 2, 2020 #

When you set your Android device the very fast time, you’re asked if you’re willing to share your location data. As soon you say yes, Google start adding your movements to your Location History.

How to Turn off Location Tracking on Android?

Later on, if you want you can access the history in the Timeline section of your Google Account.

Location history helps us create travel plans and offers info on automatic commute predictions. But there are people who really hate to being tracked for any reason whatsoever.

If you’re one who really dislikes Google’s locations tracking feature on Android, here is how you can get rid of?

  • Open phone Settings
  • Scroll down to Security & Location
  • Hit Location
  • Go to on/off switch in the top right.
  • Use this to turn location services on or off altogether.
  • Tap on Location > Google Location History
  • A button in the top right that lets you turn your location history on or off

How to Delete Location History from PC?

In order to delete location Google location history from PC, follow these steps:

  • Go into > Location History > Manage Activity
  • Toggle the bar on Pause Location History
  • A pop-up tells you what you are and aren’t disabling
  • The pop up also provides link where you can delete your location history altogether.
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How to Delete Location History from Android?

You can go through the following to delete location history from Android device:

  • Under Location History tap the three dots in the top right, then hit View/Manage.
  • Hit the three dots once more, then Settings
  • Now you’re in Personal content section
  • From here you can Delete all Location History or select Delete Location History range to delete just a part of it.

Please note, once deleted this information can’t be recovered.

How to Turn off Location Tracking on Android?

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