How to Improve Conversion of E-commerce Websites?

Being a web store owner, you should always focus on creating a highly-interactive website that can encourage targeted web visitors to visit your site and convert into potential customers.

This means you need to execute the best optimization practices to boost the conversion rate of your web store, which in turn leads you to the increased online sales.

How to Improve Conversion of E-commerce Websites

Since the behavior, habits, and preferences of online shoppers keep on changing, it becomes crucial for you to optimize your web store to understand your real-time customers so that you can give them rich shopping experience.

Well, there are tons of factors to consider, such as simple navigation structure, user-friendly search function, well-organized product categories menu, smooth online checkout, performance optimization and a lot more when it comes to optimizing conversion rate of an eCommerce site.

But before this, make sure that you know why people are visiting your e-store and what they expect from you. These small things would help you give customized shopping experience, which in turn, boost your conversion rate as well.

Tips to improve conversions of eCommerce sites

No matter your web business is small or large, choosing the right CMS platform is always a crucial decision for web store owners. Magento is an ideal eCommerce development tool that lets you create and customize a full-fledged online store with ease – all thanks to its extensive gamut of inbuilt capabilities, templates, and extensions.

Although Magento eCommerce development is a great solution, you will need to strive more efforts on improving the conversions of your web store. Below are some conversion optimization tricks to help you increase your online sales with ease.


Once the web customer’s real-time activities have been tracked and recorded for your store, you can implement the optimization tip to fix the flaws & glitches and to generate best possible results through sales.

1. Simple, Standard and Responsive web design is a key

How to Improve Conversion of E-commerce Websites

Whatever you display on your web store should relate to your targeted web audiences. The design should appeal and encourage people to make a buying decision instantly.

By creating a simple, standard, and clean eCommerce web design, you can drastically reduce the abandonment cart rate of your web store, and also get higher conversion rates.

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All you need to ensure that your real-time visitors get a seamless, stimulating, and hassle-free experience on your site. This will incite them to buy something from your e-store.

Apart from this, make sure your web store uses the responsive design. This will make your online store compatible with all mobile devices and screen sizes, which in turn increases your customer’s reach and web sales.

2. Optimizing Call-to-Action buttons

You can’t overlook the CTA’s (Call-to-Action) when it comes to boosting conversions and sales of an eCommerce store. With the use of CTA buttons such as ‘Shop Now’, ‘Register Now’ you can stimulate people to make the buying decision instantly.

You can tell them what to do next to complete the buying journey on your site.

Just make sure you add clean, visible, and straightforward CTA buttons into your Magento e-store. Keep it short and precise – highlight what a visitor get if he/she clicks on it. Don’t forget to use the visually appealing color schemes for your CTA buttons. All these petty things will help you take your conversions to the next level.

3. Build a simple online checkout page

According to a survey, 27 % of US web customers have abandoned an eCommerce store in the middle because of complicated and long-winded checkout process. This means the benchmark of your checkout process should be simple, clean and quick.

If you are really serious about improving your conversion rate, consider the following checkout optimization tips:

  • Remove needless steps from your checkout process. You can even make them option to allow customers to buy their item, without any frustration.
  • Create one-page checkout process
  • Keep the interface simple and clean
  • Allow customers to modify their products easily
  • Add an expected delivery date of an item.

These tips not only reduce the abandonment rate but also improve the conversion rate of your eCommerce site.

4. Build Loyalty and Trust with your customers

People usually hesitates while making an online purchase from a new or unknown store. They first consider the online reputation of your brand and even look for products or customer reviews before making any final decision.

So, first, you’ll need to win their trust before selling your products online. Below are some tips that will help you build loyalty with your targeted web customers:

  • Don’t forget to add logo of your company while selling your products and services online.
  • Use genuine and authentic customer/product reviews.
  • Add testimonials from reputed brands or companies.
  • You can also add guarantee seals to let people trust your brand or site.
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5. Page Load Times Matters a lot

Of course, site speed matters a lot. No matter how beautiful or feature -rich your web store is, if it is not optimized for speed, you could lose all your customers, as well as conversions.

If you want to maximize your sales, you will need to improve the speed of your web store, especially if you are using too many product images. Following are the tips that will help you achieve the same with ease.

  • Choose a dedicated hosting provider
  • Optimize all your product images (re-scale the size of your image files)
  • Use caching extension
  • Compress JS and CSS files
  • Systematic structure of product categories
  • Avail CDN services
  • Update your templates and extensions on a regular basis.


Optimizing an online store for higher conversions is not an easy task. You need to be very vigilant while improving the design, user/shopping experience or other aspects of your site for better engagement and conversion.

How to improve conversions of eCommerce sites?

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