How To Disable Cortana In Windows 10 Operating System

How To Disable Cortana In Windows 10 Operating System

Before getting into the process, have a quick take on Cortana. Cortana is the name given to intelligent personal assistant and knowledge navigator made for Windows phone 8.1 and Windows 10. This is built using Microsoft’s voice technology TellMe.

While using Windows 10, when you click search box, Cortana pops up to offer her service. You can select option ‘I am not interested’ to skip the help. However, this is not a permanent way to get rid of Cortana.

Here is the how you can follow to disable Cortana in Windows 10.

  • Open the Cortana search box in Windows 10
  • Click the Notebook icon
  • Click Settings
  • Click the toggle to disable Cortana

If you’re using Windows 10 on your Desktop, click on the search box and type Cortana. You will see a list of search results, Cortana & search settings being on top.


Now click on the notebook like icon present at third on left hand side of the menu and then go to settings.


The first option appears on setting tab will be a toggle button suggesting Cortana On/Off. Touch the toggle button and Cortana will turn off after a short delay.


If you further seek to wipe out information that Cortana stores about you, you may click on the message “Manage what Cortana knows about me in the cloud

How To Disable Cortana In Windows 10 Operating System

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