Hate Story 2 Review : Loose Sequel Of Dimple Kapadia’s Jakhmi Aurat

If you are expecting the same level of raunchy, bold and sexy shots you have seen in its previous version, you will be disappointed. You will miss Pauly Dam’s damn erotic bed sequences here that you loved in Hate Story. Surveen Chawala done her best what she could do but you have already enjoyed such sensuality in a number of flicks in the past. You can compare Hate Story-2 with Dimple kapadia’s ‘Jakhmi Aurat’ and Rekha’s ‘Khoon Bhari Maang’.


Protagonist Sonika, (Surveen Chawla) happens to be the mistress of Mumbai’s notorious political leader Mandaar (Sushant Singh). With his massive money power and contacts in the political circles, he turns to be the self-style boss of the city. For him, administration and law is the matter of manipulation he is expert in. Sonika is nothing but a piece of flesh for him that he bites whenever his lust goes out of control.

To get some time out of her hellish life, Sonika requests Mandaar to allow her join photography classes. Though apprehensive about his decision, he grants her permission to attend the classes. Here only she meets Akshay (Jai Bhanushaali) and falls in love with him. Later, Mandaar comes to know about their relationship and beats Sonia black and blue. To evade his cruelty, Sonia and Akshay leaves Mumbai for Goa. Mandaar on the other end, is searching for duo incessantly. Soon he gets their whereabouts in Goa and manages to kill Akshay. Afterwards, story revolves around Sonika and her revenge with Mandaar.

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As usual, Shushant Singh is a fine actor and you will find him doing justice with his character in this movie. After a long time he has got a challenging role to mix with and he did it with perfection. Jai Bhanushali failed to impress in his short role. Whenever he appears on the screen you will find him singing a song or in desperation to undress his girl. Surveen Chawala impressed audience with her acting and a few of her dialogues you will remember even after leaving the theater.


Weak script and disconnected direction are the big turn-offs for hate Story-2. Director very often pulls the story into the flashback that hinders its speed. Climax of the movie is stretched unnecessarily



Hate Story -2 is already rocking the charts with its hit numbers. Aaj phir tumpe pyaar aaya hai and Pink lips are the songs you will love to croon.

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I will give movie 2.5 out of 5. You may go for the movie if planning to groan with some hot, spicy and raunchy sequences with your friends this weekend.

Hate Story 2 Review


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