Google To Acquire InMobi, A Mobile Ad Company

# Last Updated On: April 10, 2021 #

If speculations are true, search engine giant Google is in talks with InMobi, a mobile Ad company.

The step is being seen as Google’s attempt to expanding its market in emerging countries and counter rising competition from Facebook.

InMobi is the second most popular ad platform after Google. The company has employee strength of over 900 and has offices in 17 countries.

A spokesperson from the company said about the possible acquisition:

“We do not comment on speculation,” a company spokesperson told HuffPost in a phone interview.

The ads from InMobi reach to almost 1 billion unique devices in its last quarter, as reported.  Neha Dharia, a senior analyst with telecommunications consulting firm Ovum said:

If this deal goes through, it would give Google an even stronger presence in the mobile ad space, since InMobi is not only a fast-growing competitor but has made significant traction in emerging markets.

– Google To Acquire InMobi

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