, Another Link Network Slapped By Google.

Google is probably not ready to leave link spammers without kicking hard. The recent victim of Google’s ire is a Netherlands based link network,

If speculations are true, Google slapped penalty on this network for alleged involvements different link baiting and spamming activities.

The news got up in the air when via a thread at where several of their customers were chattering about the incident. They were upset as Google’s action affected their business benefits directly as they were making great fortune with

The company sent an official mail to the customers stating the incident:

Good evening, Quite unexpectedly, we received notice that Google may have sent an email warning because a pattern of artificial or unnatural links could be found that would point to your website (s). To prevent Google from your website gives a penalty which your site falls in search engine ranking, we immediately embarked on a precaution all links that are provided by us to remove your website (s). The attached PDF you can check whether this is the case and what you can do about it. In the meantime, we will investigate this further impact on our service and your subscription. Our service is therefore temporarily suspended. That means that we will no longer send invoices.

Rumors are there that after receiving penalty, ranking slumped badly and a day later several of its employees got the pink slip.

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