Google Plus Auto-Enhance Videos For Desktop And Smartphones

If you are Google+ user and love to upload and share videos within your groups and communities, there is good news for you. The social network has been rolling out several enhancements to make video sharing experience more awesome. The latest update that Google has introduced will allow users to add enhancements to their videos. They can now fix lighting, color, stability with a click of button. In some time from now Google will also introduce some enhancements to tweak the quality of speech in videos.

Now onwards, when you will upload a video on Google+, it pops-up several enhancement options after analyzing the video and audio quality of the video uploaded. To tell the application to apply changes automatically, you can click on the Auto Enhance.  But it will work only if Auto Enhance feature is already activated on your device. With Auto Enhance, users can also enhance the photos. Also get the options to the photo-enhancing feature which was already available on Google+. The users can preview the final video before sharing.

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As of now the feature is only available to the desktop users. The preview will show up side-by-side comparison so you can choose to apply changes or stick with the original. There are ways to apply auto enhance to videos. On Mac, Windows, Linux and Chrome OS, open a video, then choose More>Auto Enhance. In the Google+ Photos app on Android, open a video, tap the overflow menu, and then tap Auto Enhance.

Story: Google Plus Auto-Enhance Videos

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