Top 10 Font Identifier to Identify Font from Image

The article covers ten best font identifier that you can use to identify font on website. These font identifier tools are big help if you are clueless about a particular font on a website.

Have you ever found some pretty fonts when you are going across the internet landscape to search anything? Have these fonts ever disturbed you to find and apply them in your contents or texts? 

Yes! Typography will play a huge role in all types of designs, products, packaging to the mobile application and several others.

Top 10 Font Detector to Identify Font on Website

If you want to identify such fonts on the screen, you can seek help from the software. There are lots of such tools on the web. Do you want to know about it? Here are the tools to discover!

1. WhatTheFont

font identifier

It is one of the top choices for the people to identify the font they are dealing with. This tool is found to be on the web for so many years. Over the decade, people are highly using this with the development of technology.

All you need is to upload the image, and the tool will automatically scan the image.  If some of the letters are ambiguous, it will ask you manually to know the values. Afterwards, the site will put together a list of the related fonts based on certain aspects like letter height, shape, kerning, and some other related properties.

If you don’t know how to identify a font or if you want to ask about the particular font, you can ask in the given space.

2. WhatFontIs

It is the other popular choice you will come across in the internet medium. This font recognizer will have a few detailed options that will include parsing the image text based on both the light and dark background.

You will also be able to choose and upload the image from the computer or any other link online. However, one of the best features is that you can limit the results based on the fonts that are either commercial, free or both.

So, if you are looking for the less expensive web app for the process, it is one of the preferable choices you will come across.

3. FontEdge

It is one of the lesser-known font identifiers but behaves to be the most efficient and true web application.  On the page, click anywhere in the big white box, and you will be able to upload the image.

Your image will appear on the page, and you can click on each letter under the window.  If the letters are not automatically detected, you have to type manually on the letter and click “identify”.

You have to wait for some time and find the suggested fonts, but once the inspection is completed, all the fonts will be easy to find.

4. TrySample– Font Recognizer

font identifier

When you open the homepage of the trial sample, you will be able to tell the real minimalist solution of the application. They have a browser extension for the chrome that seems to work pretty well.

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However, the flexibility will come only with the bookmarklet code that is written in JavaScript. You just have to click and drag the “Type Sample ” ink up the bookmark toolbar to create the bookmarklet.

It means that it will behave as the bookmarking applet, which is the kind of mini-program written in JavaScript. On clicking the particular bookmark on the website, the website fonts can be identified instantaneously without more hassles.

5. WhatFont

If you are looking to try out another bookmarklet, you can have a look at WhatFont font identifier app. This is another free option that can run directly from your bookmark toolbar. Simply activate the bookmarklet on any website, you can easily distinguish between both all the fonts on the page.

There is not the best option as these tools are relatively subjective. You can try out both these bookmarklets and see the one that will feel easier to use. When you start using it, you will find lots of ad on benefits with the process.

6. TypeID Font Identifier

TypeID is the bulletin board community on Typophile that is loved by most people. Depending on the website’s name along, it should be obvious that the community will really love typography.

However, it is even more interesting to see the 150+ pages of the archives with lots of great thread on identifying the fonts.  If you are ever having this type of trouble with the font identification tool to identify font on website, this is the forum that is a good starting point to ask for help directly from live human beings.

7. Reddit/r/IdentifyThisFont

Among the social news communities, it is fair to say that it is the tool that is perhaps the most diverse and heavily trafficked on the web. The website is made of the mini-forums called subreddits that everyone will focus on a particular topic.

Such a forum is called Identify This Font and make sure that you can guess the purpose for the community. It is the fastest tool that is serving with the 3k members and tends to be quick and snappy with the new posts.

If you are throwing up the questions for the fonts and identifying them, you can ask for related fonts and find a response with one to two days.

8. Fonts Ninja

font identifier

This typeface identifier the free Google Chrome extension that will pack the collection of some good options. It is not only good for discovering the fonts, but it also features more than 3000 popular typefaces, and it will allow you to try them to design the software before buying them.

You can also be able to integrate Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Sketch, Figma with certain extensions. Once you are activating the font Ninja, you can go to the website where you will be able to find the link and click on the font ninja icon in the upper right corner of the screen. Further, the extension will load in and identify font from image and text on the place to browse.

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You have to upload the clean image of the text that will contain the font that you have to find. The system will use the advanced AI to find the font of 90% of the cases and the remaining 10% is missing, this 10% is due to the low-quality images that the users are uploading.

The font recognizer tool will show over 60 fonts very similar to the one in the image that you have to upload and the links to pages from where you will usually download it.

You can also unlock an easier means of locating the font you want to use by upgrading to the life or the yearly subscription you are looking for.

10. Flickr Typeface Identification

font identifier

This is the community-based approach, and it is slightly different when it comes to handling the font-related to any types of questions. This is the group of members who will show the different types of images to match with the family of the font styles. With all these features, the users are happy and feel it more apt to use it finding the fonts using this font detector.

The Bottom Line

Have you now got an idea on the list of free font identifier tools that are available on the web when you are looking for the apps to find the font of the given text? Remember that these entire tools will be based on their various factors. So, you have to ensure the tool that suits your needs and use them effectively.

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