10 Best Free Fantasy Name Generator Tools

As the name suggests, a fantasy name generator helps to generate fancy names based on some signifiers and keywords. Some of the name generators offer basic features while some are equipped with advanced features to let users generate customized names.

Fantasy Name Generators for Authors and Gamers

It’s quite difficult to choose from various feature-loaded fantasy name generators. With this article, we have made it simple. Read on this blog post to find compelling names for your next social media campaign. These fantasy name generators are listed in random order.

1. Fantasynamegen.com

This is a very basic app helping users to generate cool and fancy names. You can generate names that relate to regular life scenarios such as human, elf, dwarf, orc, etc.

You can also generate fancy names inspired by band names, military operations, superheroes, and supervillains. You also can set the length of the names such as short, medium, or long, etc. Now as you click the generate button, it opens up a new page showing the list.

2. Plarium

Let’s start with Plarium, our first Fantasy name generator. The app lets users pick a fantasy name for you in seconds. The app disappoints if you’re looking for a feature-loaded tool. You can however suggest gender while picking up the name.

In addition, it also allows you to pick the action figure, fantasy name, and clan name, etc. You can see a standalone explanation page for each name you choose. The app is free without any pro features. You can generate as many fancy names using this app.

3. FantasyNameGenerators.com

The tool is an aggregator of several fancy name generators. Just imagine a fantasy and sci-fi user name for your property and it will be yours in seconds.  Do you want a name based on your favorite superheroes from Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, and Star Wars? You will have one for sure.

The tool offers several categories and subcategories to make your name selection an easygoing process. The downside of the app is that you can’t preset anything. Each generator can only generate up to ten names.

4. Fancy Text Symbols

With Fancy Text Symbols, you can generate fancy and innovative names that will fit your persona. The app lets users generate stunning nicknames that they can use on different social media platforms.

For instance, you can generate a unique cool gaming name that can use on all digital platforms you’re using, say Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you can also create a unique style of your names.

While creating a fancy name you can use several fancy fonts, symbols, and cursive text. The app comes packed with pre-installed fonts and writing styles to make funny and trendy names. App’s popularity section will allow you to explore fonts and symbols that you may want to use.

As you can guess by the title, Name Generator is an app that will come up with an unlimited amount of random names for you.

5. Name Generator

As the app’s name implies, Name Generator is just for generating a random name without using fancy fonts or symbols. The app doesn’t create nicknames. Instead, it produces full-on names. With this app, you can generate tons of names and surnames that you can use in various places of your choice.

These names can be used to present your social media profiles or for designing a fictional character. The USP of the app is that it allows you to generate names from more than 40 origins.

After picking up the origin you can fill in gender for generating a more unique name. The app can generate more than 4 million combinations of names.

6. Fancy Name

Fancy Name is another fancy name generator that can generate unique and cool nicknames for you. You can use this tool to produce nicknames for gaming accounts or unique names for your social media profiles.

You can also use one of the pre-installed fonts available to the app to make names look more professional. As of now, the app has over 2200+ pre-installed fonts to use.

In addition to the fonts, you can also add multiple symbols to the name. These Fonts and symbols give your nickname a more personalized and unique look and feel.   Once generated, you can copy and paste these names wherever you want. Like other tools in the list, you can generate unlimited names.

7. Fantasy Name Generator

The tool is quite a craze for users wanting to have a fancy name for their eSports characters. The tool can help you pick a cool authentic name for your character. Use this tool to generate a new name every time.

This tool is very popular among writers and game developers for its ability to generate as many fictional names for the characters. Besides generating random fancy names, you can utilize this tool to get some unique and specialized names you always wanted to give to your characters.

8. Fancy text

Fancy text is a nickname generator tool that comes packed with multiple calligraphic styles. The app has a traditional user interface with a varied range of fonts and symbols.

The tool is loaded with basic features. That means you don’t have many options to use while generating the name except gender. Before choosing the right name for your character, you can explore several categories like hot, funny, bossy, and many more your name can relate to.

You can decorate your fantasy name with a customize font thereafter.  The tool features a few basic fonts and several unique calligraphic styles. This is to make sure you find a style that matches your persona. In addition to the font and calligraphy styles, you can also add symbols to make your name even fancier.

9. Name Generator

This is the most compact fantasy name generator app that helps users pick up some fancy names for any occasion or platform. You can choose different names for different occasions.

You have a choice to choose among ten categories the images can be generated. As you advance to a specific category, you’ll see pop-ups carrying various questions designed to help you pick the best name for you.

There is a given “doesn’t matter” option that you can choose when you don’t have any preference to set. Moreover, you also have settings to adjust the popularity of the name. Another good thing about the tool is that it provides you a list of top used names in different categories.

10. Nordpass

In our list, Nordpass is the next tool that can help you form random nicknames. The platform lets you choose secure user names that you can use across different social media platforms without apprehensions.

These user names are unique and don’t carry any personal info like your birthday, age, or real name. This is how they can help you against potential attacks. Using the tool is straightforward. Decide the length of the name. It could be up to 40 characters long. Now, you can choose from various categories available.

Alongside the basic options, the tool can offer advanced features too.  You can pick unreadable random characters to generate a name. This name can be used across social media platforms as a password. You can view multiple variations of a particular name using keywords.

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