What Is Family Tree Now and How it Works?

If you’re looking for a people finder tool with added features and functions, FamilyTreeNow.com is the website you count on. The platform, lets users search for anyone by using their first and last name.

The USP of the website is a family builder tool that enables you to track and research your genealogy.

When you conduct a people search on FamilyTreeNow.com, you can discover several things about the person including their relatives, age, current, and past addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and much more.

Is Familytreenow.com free to use?

The website doesn’t charge anything to use its service. The data on the website is available for free. There are no hidden charges to use any family finder service on familyfindertreenow.com.

What about the information accuracy on familytreenow.com?

Since the information available on the platform is free, people raise questions about the authenticity of the data available. Before using this information for various purposes, people want to know if it’s true and factual.

The fact of the matter is that the website obtains the information via public sources like search engines and other data finder tools. Simply put, the information that familytreenow.com provides is already available in the public domain.

The website doesn’t claim any information to be true and any representations being made via public records are accurate. Thus, make sure that you double-check the information obtained for accuracy before using it for any purpose whatsoever.

What makes familytreenow apart from others?

There are plenty of things out there that put the website apart from others in the domain. The best part of the website is that even though the platform sources all the information for free, you needn’t make registration to get started.

To get the information about the person, just put in the first and last name and hit enter. The information it gets is publicly available on other similar platforms as well. However, the only difference is that the information is free of cost on FamilyTreeNow.com.

Another feature the website provides is the ability to build a family tree. The information you gather can be utilized to build your own family tree using the records you find in a search.

How to find people using Familytreenow.com?

Following are some easy steps you can follow to find people’s records using the website:

1 Open the FamilyTreeNow.com


2. Select the search option to open the Search Records page.

3. Provide the information you want to search for the people on the basis of.

4. Select ‘View Details’ next to the person you want more information about. You can also scroll down using ‘Filter Results’ to narrow down the data from census records, death records, living people, or public member trees.

5. On the next page, you can find detailed information about the person.

Types of information familytreenow hosts:

On the website, you can find an array of information that can be used to locate someone’s family records and other details. Some of the information includes:

  • Census Records
  • Birth & Death Records
  • Living People Information
  • Marriage & Divorce Records
  • World War II Records

How to Build a Family Tree?

To create a family tree or to add someone to an existing family tree, you have to create your free account on FamilyTreeNow.com. While doing so, the creator is entitled to choose certain levels of privacy such as:

Public with hidden living people details:

In this setting, all the information will be available to the public except for the last name and the first initial will be made private for all minors.

If the person is a non-minor, his full date of birth, bio, and any media (photos, etc.) will be private. Only the creator of the family tree and the people it’s shared with can view the private content.


In this setting, every record and media profile of the family tree is kept secret. Only the person who created the tree and the people it’s shared with can view the records.

How to Opt-out from FamilyTreeNow.com:

You can remove your family records from FamilyTreeNow.com. To do this visit to FamilyTreeNow.com website and head to the Opt-Out of Records page. The removal/opt-out process at FamilyTreeNow.com may take a minimum of 48 hours to complete.

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