Facebook To Introduce Premium Video Ads To Its News Feeds Soon

Facebook has finally completed the testing process of premium video ads and now these ads are all set to bang your mobile phones very soon. Following a three month testing process, the social networking giant decided to tune in 15-second auto play video ads in news feeds. These ads will be named ‘premium video ads’ and modeled like television ads. These running ads will make a hole in advertisers pocket anywhere from $1 million to $2.5 million per day.

When these videos appear on the screen they will be running without sound. Users can scroll these ads and tap to expand the video full screen for viewing and listening. These ads will be available for both web and mobile news feeds in coming months. Facebook however said that these video ads are currently open for a small number of advertisers to observe how users respond to the ads.

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What’s special with these videos according to Facebook is that unlike other ads played on Facebook, premiere ads will be verified for its quality and usability before its final placement in the news feeds. For quality control of the video ads to be played, Facebook is in constant negotiations with the company Ace Metrix.

Tag: Facebook To Introduce Premium Video Ads To Its News Feeds Soon

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