Facebook Is Testing DeepFace Feature For Tagging Pictures Automatically

So far, you have been able to tag your friends in your timeline posts. But, what if Facebook automatically gets you tagged in a post without letting you know. You are reading it right.

Facebook is testing a feature ‘DeepFace’ that picks your face from the crowd with an accuracy level of 97.25. And once you’ve been spotted, it will get you tagged automatically in the posts and feeds. DeepFace is originally designed by an Israel based tech giant Face.com, which Facebook acquired in 2003.

The software builds a 3D model of a face from a photo by rotating it into the best position. Once it sets to a position, an algorithm begins searching for a match. The feature will be live in America in coming months. Means, you’re no more needed to input images and names for tagging someone.

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The feature is quite advanced and delivers accurate results. Out of eight people appearing in a picture, Facebook can automatically recognize seven of them.

– Facebook Is Testing DeepFace Feature

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