Why Enable Customers With Learning Management System (LMS)?

(Last Updated On: June 25, 2021)

In the case of eLearning, an organization’s internal employees are the most commonly addressed audience. However, expanding your learning programs to non-employees have added benefits, known as the extended enterprise.

Your customers are amongst the audiences for whom training provides huge returns. Training your customers enables you to drive positive business outcomes. It is an excellent way to promote customer loyalty.

learning Management system

In this post, we have discussed customer training, its benefits, and the measures needed to implement an effective customer training program.

What is Customer Training?

Customer training is providing your customers with the information they require to gain success with a service or product. It can be either self-paced, guided or a combination of both. For example, to help customers with launching new software, guided customer training is required.

Alternatively, you can provide material for self-paced learning to empower customers to find the information they require. On-demand training materials or a customer-facing knowledge base are a few of the examples in action.

What Are The Business Benefits Of Customer Training?

One of the advantages of customer training is fortifying customer loyalty, enabling an organization to:

Decrease costs and increase revenue –

With great customer training, businesses can ensure an increase in revenue both directly and indirectly. It is estimated that the cost to acquire a new customer is up to 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing customer.

The outcome of customer training can increase customer loyalty and ensure a more positive customer experience. It can lead to increased revenue as loyal, and happy customers will be more likely to renew their contract or choose your services again.

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In the same way, you can also sell subscription-based training to your customers, which can open new paths of revenue.

Improve productivity and innovation –

Customer training, when deployed with the latest learning technology can assist in improving productivity and increasing innovation. When a product update is released, effective customer training can ensure a smooth and incident-free rollout.

Customers can also provide regular feedback with a learning technology that encourages feedback and collaboration.


LMS technology is among the top of the choices for extended enterprise learning programs such as customer training. It can help in:

Centralizing training materials –

An LMS is a central location that enables your customers to find all of your training materials, allowing them to easily access courses, experts, and other learning resources.

Delivering content efficiently –

Different learning audiences can get access to learning materials as LMS enables learning materials to be quickly updated. It allows for product and service changes (like UI updates, new features) to be communicated easily and quickly.

Enabling casual and formal learning –

For best results, customer training must support both casual and formal learning approaches. LMS comes with the features to support social learning, so customers are empowered with learning through social channels.

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Measuring success –

The most significant advantage of learning technology is that it provides metrics on learner activity. It enables an organization to gather insights to fuel and improve learning programs which can be used to strengthen the connection between learning and customer success.


Customer training can begin with a single course and can enable your customers to reach success. It ensures to leave a positive impact on your retention rate. You can use customer training software to provide essential customer training online that can empower and simplify your training efforts.

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