How to Earn More Money From Your Blog?

Whether you are an established blogger or just starting out, there are always opportunities to grow the income that you receive from your blog or website.

You’ve spent time to get the layout just right and done your research on how to rank highly in search results. Next up is how to get your blog to pay you for your time.

How to Earn More Money From Your Blog?

How to Earn More Money From Your Blog?

Affiliate Links

Affiliate links are a common technique used by bloggers to make money. It is the simple process of linking to a product or website from your blog. When your readers click your link to the other website and make a purchase, you are rewarded a small commission. The tracking is done using custom URLs containing a unique username or via cookies.

The cookies may linger for anything as long as 30 days which means that you will still get a commission if your reader makes a purchase from the linked affiliate website days after clicking your link.

As many as 80% of companies use affiliate marketing giving you plenty of opportunities to make money. There is no additional cost added to the purchase price that your reader will pay, so if you are already writing about products or websites on your blog, you have an opportunity to make money from them.


Gamification is the process of applying game methodology to a non game situation. In blogging terms, this means adding a customer loyalty program that encourages your readers to compete to gain rewards.

The rewards don’t have to have a monetary value – they can be something as simple as being the top of a leader board, getting “contributor of the month” or even badges that can be shared on social media.

Games that you can run, such as most shares on social media, most visits in a month or most helpful comments, can help drive additional traffic to your website or blog. However you choose to implement gamification, it needs to be simple to understand, show the results clearly so that those participating can see their progress and fun in order to engage your readers.

If your readers are engaged, they will spend more time on your website and are then 70% more likely to take your advice on purchases – enabling you to make more money from your affiliate links.

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Monetizing your blog with adverts is a very simple and effective way to earn a little extra money. Adverts are all over the web and enhancements in intelligence means that they are more targeted to your readers personal interests.

This also means that if someone is on your blog page and sees an advert for something that is relevant to them – such as a product they have already been researching that same day – they are more likely to click the advert. The more likely someone is to click an advert, the more money that you can make from your blog.

Sponsored Content

If your blog is targeted towards a specific audience or interest – such as fashion, hair and makeup, cars or gaming – there could be an opportunity for you to reach out to companies that operate in that space for free products or even paid sponsorship.

If you have a loyal audience for your blog, companies will pay you a fee to create tailored content about their product.

In order to know how valuable your blog is, you will need to collect statistics and information about your readers and have set yourself up as an expert in your field. Having evidence of your success as a social influencer will help when you are reaching out to a company and making your sales pitch.

It is also advisable to spend effort increasing your social media following prior to making contact, as higher reach will make you a more appealing partner.

When picking a company to work with, make sure that they are relevant to your audience – you don’t want to alienate the loyal readership base that you have spent time building. You can also use social media to start building a relationship with your chosen companies.

This will increase the chances of them knowing who you are when you make your pitch. Don’t forget to disclose in your blog posts that the content is sponsored – make sure you know the rules and legal requirements before getting into any deals.

Grow Your Audience

If you are trying to make money from your blog, you should focus on building a loyal audience. You will need to engage with them on social media as well as via your blog posts.

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Building a presence on multiple social media platforms will enable you to engage with your audience in different ways. It will also give increased opportunities for the sharing of your content which in turn will give opportunities to attract additional readers.

Your audience is very important as without them, it is unlikely that you will make money from your blog. You need to have an audience to click your links and buy the products you recommend.

You need an audience to click on the adverts or sign up to your loyalty program. An audience will make you more appealing to third party companies whose products you want to feature on your blog.

The glue that holds all revenue streams together is content. Your blog must have quality content that keeps your readers interested.

You should look to present yourself as an expert in your field and ensure that there is useful information available to back this up. The ultimate goal is to be entertaining, engaging and informative – when you’ve found your audience, you want them to stick around.

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