Do You Know These Amazon .Com Facts?

Facts About Amazon .Com You Must Know

90% of people about to read this article will have at least browsed Amazon at some point, if not brought something from the website. It is one of, if no the, biggest name in online retailing, outperforming competitors like eBay and Play with ease.  But there are plenty of things you may not have known about the retail giant. . .


When it launched in 1995, only sold books. The first book it sold was Fluid Concepts & Creative Analogies: Computer Models of the Fundamental Mechanisms of Thought. A far cry from “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

Original name

While it did launch as, named after the Amazon rainforest to denote how vast it planned on becoming, the company was originally going to be called “Cadabra”, taken from “Abracadabra”. This was dropped when some people misheard it as “cadaver” (another word for a dead body).


Another frontrunner name in the early days of the company, this one made it a bit further than Cadabra. Try typing the website into your browser and see where it leads.

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The Amazon logo as we know it today was launch in 2000. The arrow, representing a smile, points “from A to Z”.

Off for 40 minutes

Want to know how much money Amazon make? Well in 2013, the website went down for 49 minutes. It cost Amazon $5.7 MILLION. That’s a loss of $116,327 every minute!
Kindle’s first name

Much like the company that produced it, the Kindle, the now universally adored e-reader, went through a few name changes before it hit the market. It was developed originally as “Fiona”, after a character in the book “The Diamond Age”. In it, Fiona had a hand-held machine that contained all of humanity’s knowledge and media. Sound familiar?


In total, Amazon warehouses cover more square footage than 700 Madison Square Gardens! So massive are they that some have had robots installed that fetch the products for the employees.

Amount of brands they own

And no wonder they need so much room – Amazon own a lot of other companies. In their 20 year existence, they have acquired:

  • Popular movie database IMDB
  • Audiobook powerhouse
  • Film rental / streaming business Love Film
  • Video game video streaming site
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– Do You Know These Amazon .Com Facts

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