Diversified Career Options for Design Aspirants

(Last Updated On: July 28, 2021)

Seriously, there is no career path like the design industry. It is where innovation thrives or as we say, creativity and technology meet!

You can find design everywhere, which is why there are so many openings for job profiles across the planet. Not to forget, becoming a designer gives you the power to reshape how the world looks and feels.

Career Options for Design Aspirants

Continue reading to learn about some of the most exciting B. Design career options that are out there!

 UX Designing

Holding this job profile will make you responsible for making customers a crucial part of branding and business, thereby enhancing their satisfaction.

You will be conducting extensive research into consumer requirements, which are useful in making smart design solutions.

Product Designing

These professionals are concerned with both the functionality and aesthetics of a product, their primary goal for which carry out thorough user research, moving on to sketching their blueprints and ideas using any latest software.

They may need to work closely with engineers and graphic designers, to convert these sketches into prototypes, which can then be sent for testing.

UI Designing

Working in this department will need you to focus on determining how users interact with the product interface by analyzing their visual experience.

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The job is more than just cool, as it involves creating all the visual interactions and touchpoints that facilitate user movement, as well as designing all the screens required for such virtual action.

 Video Game Designing

These experts are referred to as programmers, storytellers, or visual artists all inside one box!

Their primary responsibility includes bringing a design concept to life, by drawing up characters based on the target audience.

From creating the user interface and developing plots to generating interactive gameplay structures and inputting script elements, you will lay your hands on everything that constitutes a game.

Multimedia art and Animation

They spend their crucial hours developing the magical visual effects that we get to see in movies, on TV, and while playing video games.

Based on your specialization post graduating, you can choose to take up work creating computer graphics and drawings, developing storyboards, and designing three-dimensional characters and figures.

 Web Designing

This job profile will make you in charge of overseeing the written draft and set up the user ID for a domain.

They are known to experts at turning the client’s vision into a visually compelling and well-functioning website!

Exhibit Designing

These creative geniuses are the ones behind the fixtures and displays seen at local or international presentations.

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The best part?

They can work both off-screen and onscreen!

If you want to gain a deeper insight into designing careers, start by logging on to our website and enrolling yourself on a bachelor’s degree in design, right away!

The training we have to offer you will help you get a good grounding of the relationship between user and product.

Do not worry if you begin to perceive the design industry as your oyster, even before you have graduated!

Apply soon.

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