common mobile phone problems

Common Mobile Network Problems: Tricks to Fix Them

Mobile networks may suffer some common problems. Fortunately, you can fix them easily. If your current mobile network is not working, you can buy a new mobile plan.

Common Mobile Network Problems and How to Fix?

common mobile phone problems

Can’t Get Signals of 4G/LTE

A few wireless providers offer better 4G coverage than others do. Some networks work well at specific locations. Different models of smartphones can pick up better signals.

If you are facing connectivity issues, you should check network reach of cellular providers in your area. It will be useful to do this research before signing up for wireless services and buying a mobile device.

Update firmware and software of your devices. Any glitches in software or firmware may affect the reliability of the network.

Try a quick trick by disabling data in the settings of your phone and re-enable it. Feel free to toggle the airplane mode of your phone. Once you hit reconnect, your device will search for the best signals available in your zone.

Unable to Tether the Mobile

Tethering allows you to configure your mobile phones as wireless hotspots. Several smart devices support tethering, and internet providers may charge extra fees to customers. Some service providers can block this service.

If you want to use tethering, you have to check the status of your service provider. Your service provider and phone both should support it.

After getting all confirmations, you can use your tethering setup. If it is not working, restart your device and try again.

Using Excessive Data

Several people subscribe to a limited mobile data plan. This plan may depend on your cellular bandwidth.

Modern apps that support video streaming may consume excessive data in a few hours. These apps can consume your maximum data.

If you want to stop excessive use of data, set up monitoring alarms on mobile devices. These alarms can give you alert for excessive network usage.

Some devices may not have a built-in feature for data usage. For these devices, you can download a third party app. Moreover, switch your device from a cellular network to wireless connection to decrease your reliance on mobile data.

Disconnected Wi-Fi

Sometimes, mobile devices lose their Wi-Fi connection with WAP (wireless access points) because they are carried away from their signal range.

When wireless drops, applications may automatically revert to a cellular connection. Sometimes, Wi-Fi stops running because of your wrong device settings. To resolve this issue, you have to change the settings of your device.

Restart your phone to fix this issue. If a simple restart is not working, you have to check your SIM card. Switch off your phone and remove the SIM card. Examine the slot of SIM to remove obvious dust. Pop your SIM card back and turn on your phone again.

If you are using broadband, physically examine a router and connection. After solving problems with a router, you may restore the network of your mobile.

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