Common iPhone Battery Issues And Ways To Fix Them

Most iPhone users have faced trouble with a bad iPhone battery in the past. You check the phone to see that you are at 10% power or your phone will not turn on no matter what you do.

Common iPhone Battery Issues

You might search the Internet and find the same solution everywhere – switch off data and move on Low Power Mode.

However, these steps do not always help and people end up purchasing a brand new battery most often. Here are a few common problems and different ways to fix them.

The phone does not charge

If you are in a situation where the phone does not charge until you hold the phone at a particular angle, you are not alone.

Many of us have gone through the same situation. You plug the phone and leave it there for a couple of hours only to find out that the battery only increased by 15%.

It is indeed an annoying issue but it is also the easiest battery trouble to fix. What has happened is that the charger is not connecting to the port as it should because of some debris built up inside your charging point and this happens very often.

What you need to do is use a thin and long object, maybe a toothpick which can be used to scrape the insides of your charging port. This will help you remove and get rid of the substantial amount of debris.

There is a huge drop in the battery

 When you head out in the day, the battery is at 100% and while you reach your place of work, you notice it has dropped to 75% suddenly.

You constantly notice the battery drop in huge chunks a few more times in the day until the phone switches off due to 10% battery life.

Many people assume their iPhone is broken when the battery drains quickly, but David Payette from explains that often this problem is due to minor software issues. What has happened here is that the phone is not reading the actual percentage on the battery properly.

All you need to do is charge the phone completely and do not use the phone while it is being charged. Now use the phone normally until it turns off again.

If you are able to power your phone back on, you need to do it now and keep the phone running until it turns off. Now again charge it up to 100% and after doing this, there will be no sharp drops in the future.

iPhone has a battery but shuts down often

 If the phone performs well most often and suddenly switches off for no reason, you could be wondering about the issue.

iPhone batteries are powerful however, they have been not designed to operate under extreme climatic conditions.

Hence, if the temperature is below 0 degree Celsius or rises above 35 degree Celsius, the battery percentage shown on the phone will be unreliable. If it is extremely cold outside, keep the phone in the pocket so that it works when you need it the most.

Your iPhone will not turn on

 It is the most annoying thing you experience with the iPhone. It switches off and will not turn on back at all. If the phone does not turn on even after about 20 minutes of being plugged in, you might be ready to rush to the repair shop.

However, if the battery of your phone is completely used out, it can take about an hour of charging before it turns on.

If the phone had started booting and you removed it from the power source, it could interrupt the boot cycle and this can cause damage to the software of your phone.

If you are sure that the charging port of the phone is clean and the charging cable is of good quality, leave the phone on charging for some time and it will power back.

If this does not work, there are resets you could try to turn the phone on.

Before you rush to the repair shop because of battery issues on the phone, try the steps mentioned here to fix it.

The battery issues mentioned here are very common and happen often with iPhone users, however, it does not mean that the battery is damaged or needs replacement, you can try to fix it on your own without spending huge money on a new phone.

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