10 Best Phone Cleaner App for Android

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Technically, the cache is the place where data is stored for quick access. The app scans through cache first and then the store storage when they need to access certain data.  In long run, the cache becomes so huge that it takes time to access and populate data.

This makes the device drastically slow. This is where the antivirus cleaner for android takes charge. Find here our list of best phone cleaner apps that you can install and use.

Best Mobile Cleaner App

We recommend you phone cleaner app download here. They can be really helpful in improving the device’s performance if it’s running slow.

1. Clean Master App

mobile cleaner app

Let’s start with Clean Master, our first phone cleaner app. The app is an all-in-one cleaning application for Android users. It offers a decent user interface and is pretty easy to use.

Using the clean master app for android, you can clear cache from individual apps or all at once. It’s a kind of task manager that lets you stop an app from running right from the app.

2. DU Speed Booster

Best  Free Cleaner Apps for Android

This is another cleaning software for android. Used and recommended by the millions, the DU Speed Booster helps you to optimize background apps, free up an occupied chunk of memory space, and remove unnecessary junk files. All the cleaning operations are done on just a single tap.

The DU speed booster phone cleaner app comes packed with a CPU Cooler feature that notifies about apps that are consuming excessive resources. This is an android phone cleaner that works. Its cache cleaning features stop and terminates CPU consuming app to keep the phone cool and save some memory space.

3. Power Clean

mobile cleaner app

The power clean phone cleaner app is another excellent app that lets users clean up their phone and optimize its storage. Just a single tap, and you can you’re up to clean junk files and optimize the phone’s storage.This is also an antivirus cleaner for android with capabilities to uninstall, backup, and share apps. Thanks to the built-in app locker of the best cleaner for android tablets.

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4. Clean Master

Clean Master is a decently designed mobile cleaner app with a bunch of classy cleaning features for Android smartphones. The downside with the app is that you have to select the individual apps and clear the cache or clear the cache from all apps. The app doesn’t allow you to select multiple apps to clear the cache.

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The best phone cleaner app comes packed with a built-in antivirus feature to scan and alienate viruses from your android phone. The app has a utility feature called Photo vault that stores photos safe on your Android phone.

This cleaning software for android comes with the power to detect fake WiFi and unauthorized connections. In addition, the app’s game master features manage games and accelerate loading speed.

5. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner

Cache Cleaning Apps Android

Meet the 5th participant in our list of android cleanup app. AVG Memory & Cache Cleaner is a product from security products company AVG. The app allows users to quickly clean cache and memory.This cleaning software for the android app is relatively easy to use and convenient. With phone cleaner app download, users can easily erase call and text history, browsing history, and cache from the Android phone.

6. Ace Cleaner

mobile cleaner app

Ace Cleaner is another popular and recommended antivirus cleaner for android smartphone users. The best android phone cleaner app comes packed with all standard features required to optimize your phone for better performance.

Among other noteworthy features of this best cleaning software for android, Ace Boost, Quiet Notification, Battery Saver, and CPU Cooler are noted. This deep cleaner for android phones comes with the ability to remove duplicate photos to clean up some junk space.

7.Turbo Cleaner

Android Cleaner App

Turbo Cleaner is also a notable phone cleaner to boost your phone’s performance. It can clean background processes, stop stealthy running apps, and free RAM for boosting performance.  

This noted cleaner and booster for android also come with a battery saver that can disable unnecessary apps that consumes lots of battery. The app also has a CPU cooler that kills heavy resource-consuming apps to avoid overheating the phone.

8.  All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox, as the name implies is a collection of over 30 cleaner tools in one place. All-in-one toolbox is an android cleaner designed for boosting your phone’s performance.

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The app comes packed with awe-inspiring virus cleaner features like cache cleaner, junk cleaner, CPU cooler, memory booster, and batch app uninstaller, etc.  App’s other noteworthy features include Quick Charge Master, App lock, Game Booster, Auto task, and more.

9. Systweak

Android Cleaner App

It’s time to meet our next android cleaner app. Systweak Android Cleaner is another recommended android phone cleaning app to clean cache and boost RAM performance automatically. 

If you’re looking for the best android cleaner that performs its tasks automatically without human intervention, you may rely on Systweak. 

This mobile cleaner app populates the list of the apps you no longer use and then it uninstalls it. Its battery saver feature closes up background apps automatically.

10. The cleaner

The cleaner is another powerful yet lightweight best phone cleaner app that offers all the standard cleaning features and an innovative interface.

The app for cleaning android packs a batch uninstall option and also schedules reminders to clean your device periodically. It has several inbuilt features including a memory optimizer, storage cleaner, game booster, and app locker.

Best Phone Cleaner App: Conclusion

The cleaners for android phones that I just explained above are some of the best in the block. You can use them to clear cache and optimize your phone’s performance. They have their own pros and cons.

We will recommend you to please read their features and benefits carefully before installing. Some among them are merely helpful in cache cleaning while few others are power-packed with other features like antivirus and others.
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